I’m just an ordinary person.

My best accomplishments in life are allowing Jesus to be my Lord at age 14, followed by finding the perfect guy for me and marrying him in 1974. Two more wonderful things happened to me when my son and daughter were born. And the addition of a son-in-law and daughter-in-law in more recent years were two more precious blessings.

And then something wonderful happened: I became a grandma for the first time. Nothing could have prepared me for that blessing! We have four: two grandsons and two sweet granddaughters.

I first started keeping this journal and entitled it Mondays with Mimi because I babysat the boys for years on Mondays. Every moment with them was precious and I didn’t want to forget anything they said or did. So I wrote these stories to remember.

Since they are now in school full time and I no longer babysit on a regular basis, I’m keeping up with Mondays with Mimi because I hope you now will spend your Mondays With Mimi. We’ll always talk about grandkids and family but we will venture into other areas. But always and forever we’ll honor God and share His perspective because after all, it’s really all about Him.

Yeah, I’m just an ordinary person with ordinary stuff to write about but I’m hoping you’ll find a little inspiration, a bit of humor, and something relatable.

Thanks for reading and sharing life with me.

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  1. Mimi,
    This is a wonderful blog full of the best things in life! Thanks for sharing your joy and heart!

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