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Mondays with Mimi or Fun Days with Mimi?

The boys' suncatchers.

The boys’ suncatchers.

It’s been so long since I’ve written a post. And it’s only recently that I have started putting my finger on why. I think it’s because I’m no longer babysitting on Mondays due to a change in my work schedule.

Things are changing. And while change isn’t necessarily bad, it’s still change and change doesn’t always feel very good.

My identity since Konnor’s birth has included being Mimi. First to one, then two, then three, and very soon I’ll be Mimi to four grands. Wow! How wonderful is that.

And part of my identity has also been on being the Monday babysitter to two fun, sweet, precious grandboys. Babysitting isn’t coming to an end but the regularity associated with it for five years is. And though I am still available each week, their mommy’s work schedule has also changed so my availability to watch the boys doesn’t always coincide with Kate’s work days like it did in the past.

But though I may not be with the boys each week, I will certainly be with them from time to time and I will still want to record my thoughts. So I’ve decided I need to continue to write…which was the reason I started this blog way back when—to remember, to record, to enjoy the wonder of God’s sweet creations.

So here goes.

I did get to spend the day with the boys yesterday and what a great day we enjoyed together. Gotta love Target. There’s just so much free fun to be had. Stop in to the bakery to grab a cookie, then off to the toy department for 15 minutes of play. Yesterday there were several others enjoying this same treat because the toy department aisles were crammed with kids along with all sorts of sounds: hi-pitched sirens, growling monsters, shooting laser guns. It seems like nearly every toy has a little open hole in the packaging with the words TRY ME next to it. So that’s just what children do.

We also enjoyed another freebie – a visit to Petsmart where we spent another 30 or 40 minutes looking at the kitties, parakeets, reptiles, fish, bunnies, hamsters, etc. But the best part was interacting with the large green parrot. He was a talker and noise maker. And while we never did understand much of what he said, you can believe we all cracked up over and over again when he would throw in a farting noise every now and then. It was pretty hysterical.

We also go to enjoy a fun craft together – the results you see in the photo. I found the idea on Pinterest and wanted to share the original website with you but apparently didn’t save it. To make these cute suncatchers, you cut out two circles of clear contact paper for each project. I used the lids to my kitchen pots and made two sets, one slightly larger for Konnor.

We first took a short walk looking for treasures – flat items such as grasses, leaves, ferns, tiny flowers, etc. Callan held the bag and gladly stuffed it with all sorts of items.

Then it was time to assemble the suncatcher.The most difficult part is peeling the backing off the contact paper, but once that was done I put one on the floor for each boy. They proceeded to add some of their treasures to the sticky side. Once everyone was satisfied with their artwork, I put down the remaining contact paper, sticky side to sticky side, sealing everything in place.

It wasn’t perfect but a pair of scissors and a quick trim took care of that. Then you need to rummage in the back of your junk drawer for the elusive single hole punch so you can punch a hole in each item. Of course while doing this it’s always fun to have the little one find the ribbon you plan on threading through that hole—and have a blast unrolling it.

All wrapped up!

All wrapped up!

When your little one is finished playing with the ribbon, cut off a bit, thread it through the hole, tie a bow or knot and hang it up on a suction cup hook. Don’t they look great!

Observation: it’s never about how much money you spend, it’s how you spend your time. And being with my family (specifically my grands) is always precious to me. It may seem as though I’m imparting so much into their young lives. But truth be told, I think I get much more out of it as I’m reminded afresh that God creates each of us, made in His image, but unique and wonderful at the same time.


Addicted to Pinterest


Ok, I said it. I admit it. I LOVE this website.

For months I’ve been trying out new recipes…all thanks to Pinterest. I even cleaned hubby’s underarm stains on his tee shirts. Thanks to Pinterest. And hubby and Konnor turned the freezer into a snowman. Yup, thanks to Pinterest.

With Pinterest I’ve found out new uses for old things such as using my contact lens case as a pill holder, enjoyed killer Boston Cream Poke Cake, found a great paint color for our recent bathroom re-do, organized a closet using a multi-compartment shoe bag holder, and my pantry and bedroom closet wire shelves are now nicely lined with peel and stick tile so items stay put!

Not only is Pinterest great fun to explore but it’s handy – all your “pins” (things you see and don’t want to forget) are organized and easily accessible by your smartphone whenever and wherever needed.

The only downside I’ve found is that it’s so addicting I can no longer enjoy Pinterest right before bedtime—as there have been several nights when hours have passed with me happily pinning away only to discover it’s now midnight, or 1am!

Technology has changed drastically in my lifetime. Remember having to go to the library to do research before writing a report? Not matter what the topic, the one encyclopedia you needed was always missing! Now I can use the internet on my phone and find instant answers. (Good thing, too, because I would probably forget the question burning in my mind by the time I got home!)

Pinterest is great fun for grandparents, too. You’ll never be at a loss for a craft or fun thing to do while babysitting.

If you haven’t yet checked out Pinterest, give it a try…but not before bed!