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When is “too much”…too much?


Recently, while taking a shower, I had a big lightbulb moment…when I realized having too much of something may, in fact, simply be “too much.”

Let me explain.

Last year I asked Greg to replace the rather weak shower head in our master bath. It was adequate but that’s about it. I desired a really good spray where I could rinse off and feel squeaky clean.

A replacement shower head was ordered and in no time installed by the hubster. And boy was it great! Powerful, full coverage. Just a delight. It was so strong that you could often imagine your tight muscles totally relaxing under the additional water pressure.

But soon what I thought was delightful and perfect turned out to be painful and unwanted.

The new shower head was so strong that I found myself, hmm, how do I say this…having to cover up my front chest area while showering because those once-perceived strong points of water were instead like piercing darts to my more delicate areas. Ouch.

I could no longer face the shower head but had to have my back to it. And to add great insult, when at the dermatologist in January I had about 8 spots frozen. Within a few days they began to scab over and I couldn’t stand the strong pressure of water on those spots…most of which were on my back. So, I still couldn’t face the shower head and now I couldn’t turn my back to it either. I was miserable; something had to be done.

Time for a change.

Another replacement shower head was ordered and installed and can I just say…wow! The new one is everything we need without being more than we need or want. It allows plenty of water to get through but instead of feeling like I’m being stung by sharp points, the pressure is just right, like being in a soft rainstorm. Nothing hurts and I can once again face the shower head without having to protect myself. (wink-wink)

So, the question has been answered…

Yes, sometimes too much of a good thing is way too much.

What this means in our daily lives is we can enjoy great foods, but too much of those great foods hurts our health. We can love hard and enjoy doing for our kids and other family members, but too much of that and we smother them, possibly causing them to remain dependent on us rather than becoming independent.

How about with God…is too much ever too much? It all depends. My in-laws would say yes. In ignorance as excited new believers, they attended church every time the doors were open: for services, for prayer, for dinners, for special events, etc. But it caused them to miss their kids’ ballgames. The “too much” they were doing seemed good and right but they missed the balance of being able to love and serve God while also making time for family. It wasn’t one or the other; it could have been both.

I think the same can be true if we just simply feed ourselves from what God offers and never share what we gain. Becoming stronger in our faith walk is imperative but if we never use what we learn, if those good works talked about in Ephesians 2:10 never manifest then I wonder if instead of building strong spiritual muscles we have over-indulged and simply become fat lazy believers who have become more “I” focused.

Hey, I’m preaching to me here.

Feeling uncomfortable? Me, too. Today’s thoughts come from my own life. That shower head story coupled with our Bible study last night in Ephesians, really spoke to me about the good works God wants me to share with others.

We should never stop growing in Christ, never stop pursuing Him. We absolutely must become strong in the Word and strong in our relationship with our wonderful God and Savior. But that wonderful God who lives within us has also designed each one to show forth His glory as we do the good works He so thoughtfully planned for us to do.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. (Ephesians 2:8-10)

What are some of those good works God wants you to perform?