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It’s not easy saying goodbye.

Conan-dear friend and family member

Conan: dear friend and family member

Quite unexpectedly my daughter’s family recently had to say goodbye to their dear companion of ten years, Conan.

A family member? Yes. A friend? Yes. A comfort? Yes. A playmate? Yes. A big brother? Yes. And a dog; a miniature dachshund to be specific.

My kids will be married ten years this fall and Conan has been a part of their married lives almost from the beginning. When they got him they were newlyweds, recent college graduates, living in their first apartment, and trying to make a “go” of this thing called life.

Conan brought joy and activity in abundance.

After he arrived the kids made a move, earned advanced degrees, began new careers, bought a house, and best of all had two precious boys.

When someone is a part of your family for a decade and when children grow up only knowing the household with their canine friend in it, losing that friend leaves a deep hole. A wound that takes time to heal.

Was Conan perfect? Of course not, but he perfectly blended with his family, providing years of love to everyone.

So today I’m thinking about him and thinking about my kids and grandkids. And while I can’t take away their sorrow I know hearts will eventually heal. And always, always they will remember their little doxie Conan.