Just sayin’…observations from my recent blog class.

With permission: (photologue_np)

With permission: (photologue_np)

A year ago I wrote about teaching a how-to-blog class as part of Stetson University’s lifelong learning program at the Celebration campus. It was a wonderful experience.

Turns out the class was held again this spring and once again I found myself working with some precious women as I helped them explore the world of blogging.

There was the blog class repeater – no she didn’t flunk the first time; she just wanted to brush up on what she already knew and gain some inspiration to continue on with what she had started in the last class. Not only is she a dedicated lifelong learner but she went out of her way to encourage me, something this lady has treasured in her heart.

Also in class was the businesswoman who wanted to update her website and blogging platform to build the business now being run by her daughter. A proud momma who has an amazing writing style. She got really busy and ended up writing several posts over our three weeks together. This lady definitely was invested in the pursuit and her efforts will no doubt bring about an increase in business.

Another grammy wants to impart wisdom to others from the perspective of being a 21st century grandparent. When I read one of her posts about finding the delicate balance between handing out advice vs. directing and encouraging her grown kids so they could find their own answers, I realized how much more sensitive we are trying to be in the 21st century. And I realized how well this will be received by our kids. After all, I didn’t want my mom telling me how to raise my kids, did you? This lady has really hit upon a great concept and her readers will benefit greatly.

Then I had the sweet lady who wrote from her heart and made me cry. Not only was her writing style spot on but she wrote about the importance of family, a subject dear to my own heart. She was another tenacious learner who never gave up. She has something profound to say and has determined to share her thoughts with others. All her readers will be blessed by this.

And I must mention the woman who touched me in two ways. First because she chose to carry out the theme of her post in so many ways: with the subject matter and way she wrote along with the images used to illustrate. From the top of the page to the bottom, it was cohesive and full of subtle impact. And this same lady blessed my heart on the last day of class when she resolutely stuck with a task until the issue was resolved. She was determined and received the ultimate payoff when she figured out the answer. Yup, it was a good lesson for me, too.

I had a total of 8 ladies and could certainly mention something for them all. But since I taught them that it’s always best to say less and leave the reader with wanting more rather than writing too much and having the reader lose interest, I think I’ll bring this post to a close.

I have been reminded that whether I teach in a classroom setting or when sitting with a friend over a cup of tea, there’s always an opportunity to share knowledge or an experience with someone else. And the same opportunity presents itself to learn from others. We each have a story and a unique background. To share that with others not only touches them but reminds us as well of where we once were, where we are now, and gives hope for where we’ll go in the future.

Thanks to a great group of ladies. I appreciate the opportunity of spending time with you and appreciate the blessing of watching your joy increase as you became more experienced and knowledgeable.