Today’s NEW MATH just doesn’t add up.

On St. Patrick’s Day the hubster really wanted a green, minty milkshake. I happened to have a $1 off coupon for a Reuben Basket meal at Culver’s. And since Culver’s is also known for its ice cream, we decided to head over to get both.

Something’s screwy…

Once there, we learned the $1 discount wasn’t really a coupon. Instead, the Reuben meal was already set to the lower price. It would automatically ring up at the lower price. Seems easy enough…or so I thought.

While ringing up the food, I noticed the price was the normal, daily one, not a dollar lower. I didn’t say anything figuring it would show up at the end of the order. Only it didn’t. We paid and I grabbed the receipt from Greg. Sure enough, there was no discounted price—just the normal price for what we ordered.

So, where’s the $1.00 discount?

Even though a dollar isn’t that big of a deal, I was curious as to why it never showed up on the receipt. So, I showed it to the cashier for her review. Considering we had only ordered two items, she seemed to take a very long time looking at the receipt until she finally agreed there was no discount. She kindly offered me a dessert to make up for it, which we turned down since we had already ordered the milkshake. She then said she’d speak with the manager to straighten it out.

It all becomes clear…or does it?

About ten minutes into our meal, the cashier returned and happily put down a little tray with $.62 on it. She said, instead of giving me the $1 discount, she re-rang the meal with the senior discount so I would get a better discount. Huh?

I told her the discount was $1 and she gave me $.62. She tried explaining it again, but of course, there was no explanation that would work because $1 does not equal $.62.

At this point, I said thank you and we finished our meal. But for the rest of the evening, any time I thought about the Culver’s transaction I just had to shake my head and think, “Is this what is taught in the new math?” If so, our kids are in serious trouble.

Wisdom needed here.

Fast forward to my recent Bible Study Fellowship lessons, we’ve been learning about Solomon and how when God wanted to bless him with anything in the world, Solomon asked for wisdom so he could rule well, so he could have discernment and understanding.

Head knowledge received through educational institutions or on our own simply isn’t enough. Solomon knew this. And whether or not we can get the numbers to add up (another way to say even if our life seems sure and steady) we need more. We need God’s wisdom leading the way.

Solomon recognized he could not find the wisdom he needed and wanted in the world so he made his request to God who IS wisdom. Solomon revered and worshipped God. He seemed to know in his heart of hearts the math equation that does work:  more God=more wisdom.

Proverbs 4:4-7a NLT: “Get wisdom; develop good judgment. Don’t forget my words or turn away from them. Don’t turn your back on wisdom, for she will protect you. Love her, and she will guard you. Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do!” (Proverbs 4:4-7a)

It seems so simple.

I love the New Living Translation version of Proverbs 4 because of that last statement “Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do!” Seems simple, doesn’t it? And it’s just what I need so I’m determined to be more proactive in my request to God for wisdom.

How about you? Will you join me in asking God for abundant wisdom?


2 thoughts on “Today’s NEW MATH just doesn’t add up.

  1. Ok in actuality you ended up with zero! Now think about it. If you had been given the dollar you would have had to put .10 cents into the the collection plate for your tithe so now you are down to 52 cents. I have to believe that you spend 52 cents in gas to get there and back (I mean all the wear and tear on your suv) so in the end you should have probably just stayed home.

    And also you guys would have saved on all those calories by eating one of your delicious servings and not having to tip anyone. Now that is a savings right there worthy of consideration. So in the end your motivation to save a buck turned into spending not only for the meal and the tip and the gas to get there and not to mention all that aggravation trying to get your well deserved 38 cents!

    But you know…I would have done the very same thing! 😄

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