Yummy Bread in a Bag


How about a little fun today?

I recently came across a fun recipe idea from this website. Bread in a bag. What’s not to love about that!

Knowing we were going to be spending time with the grands last weekend, I brought along my yeast and the boys and I followed the recipe, ending up with all sorts of deliciousness.

If you look around on the bread-in-a bag website you will discover lots of other ideas to try, such as ice cream in a bag. (Can’t wait to try that one, too.)

Besides being fun, it was educational, too, because the boys measured their ingredients (basic math), learned how to level flour, got to enjoy all the squishing time of combining the ingredients, learned to knead bread (you can watch the video: Konnor learning to knead) if you want to see Konnor in action), got to operate the oven timer, and had to experience patience in waiting for the finished product. Of course, a happy by-product was being able to enjoy the wonderful aroma while the bread was in the oven.

The above project was so easy and quick to do. It took very few ingredients and the results were wonderful as we got to enjoy time together making AND eating the delicious homemade bread.

Sometimes I get caught up in trying to find the perfect gift or in discovering an over-the-top activity for the grands when in reality it’s doing simple, every day things with your them that demonstrates just how much you love and enjoy being with them. Baking bread, playing a game, making up stories, creating flashlight shadows on the ceiling. The ideas are limitless.

So check out the recipe above or create your own fun and be sure to let me know. We’ll share your ideas right here.



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