Be Happy

01-23-17-be-happyI love this coaster given to me by my kids at Christmas. I use it every single day and it brings a smile whenever I look at it. It also reminds me of the song with the lyrics “don’t worry, be happy.” That song was popular years ago and was playing in the dental office when my daughter was having some work done. At the time it brought her great comfort.

But lately life has been rough. For so many. And they are anything but happy.

As you know, the year 2016 was very difficult for me but right now my prayer list for my friends and family members seems to grow each day. And the concerns are big-time ones. Impossible situations. Serious health concerns. Struggles without end. Many are exhausted, full of anxiety, and feeling hopeless.

I want so much to offer comfort and encouragement but you know what? Some of their circumstances are just terrible. There’s really nothing I can say or do that’s going to change them. And as a believer in Christ I know the end of the story…they will be ok. Because the One who is completely trustworthy is with them. He hasn’t abandoned them and He will most definitely make a way.

Like the coaster above…I want them to be happy. So my vote is for no more pain or suffering. My vote is to end sleepless nights. My vote is for running through the meadow, hair flowing behind you, with butterflies all around and not a care in the world.

Yeah, I know…my vote doesn’t really count. And that’s a very good thing. Because instead we rely on our Heavenly Father who knows us, knows our circumstances, knows what we can handle, knows what’s best, knows how to work all things together for our good, and knows our beginning from our end. Good thing He’s God and we are not!

So my precious loved ones, I pray. And I pray. And I pray. You are not forgotten; you are not alone. You will get through this and one day look behind and be amazed at what God did for you.

Be encouraged. And know you are loved.





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