Our family has recently experienced several milestones.  September saw two birthdays for our sweet granddaughters. Addie turned 5 and Zoe 3. I love the expression in the picture where Zoe has just opened a card from her Poppy (my dad) and out comes money. Even at age 3 she’s well-aware of the significance!

Then Konnor lost another one of his top teeth. He even pulled it out himself then gladly posed for a photo. And brother Callan scored three goals in one soccer game!!!


Milestones are important. They serve many purposes. They boast of an important event and serve to remind us of things that have occurred. Milestones can also teach lessons and they can keep us from repeating poor decisions, too.

In September we got to enjoy several happy milestones: the lost tooth, soccer goals, birthdays, and a move to a new house. But we’ve also experienced a sad one as time on earth winds down for a dear friend who is soon to leave this world. So we’re storing up memories of him now with lots of visits and I’ve asked his family for an item from his house to keep because each time I look at it I’ll think of him, remember our many years together, and smile!

The Bible talks about memorials because they are built to remember something important in our walk with the Lord. Just like the Washington, D.C. memorials, each one holds significance and reminds us of an encounter. Good or bad, memorials or milestones can cause us to reflect and learn and lament and rejoice.

So this September I’ve done just that. Rejoiced over birthdays, soccer goals, and a lost tooth, enjoyed the blessing of a new house and all the new adventures to come. I’ve been thankful that my move enabled us to live close to my dad (only 4 miles apart!), and yes, I’ve been sad and mourned the loss of a friend that’s soon to come.

Whether they are happy milestones or sad, they all paint a picture of my life. Of the way God orchestrates every aspect and weaves together every thread into a beautiful tapestry. They point me toward Him as I see his faithfulness, experience his blessings, or receive his comfort.

So I choose to remember the good and the not-so-good for all serve a greater purpose as I am continually being made and shaped into God’s image.

How about you? Experienced any milestones lately?


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