Konnor’s Pet

The very thing that makes us grandparents is having grandchildren. Thanks to our “kids” we have four we love to Heaven and back. And it’s because of them that I write and share my Mondays With Mimi stories.

Our first, Konnor, is now seven and in the second grade. His mom recently gave him a writing assignment…just to write about anything. He chose one of his favorite things: his new pet, a birthday gift. I told him I’d be sharing it with my readers.

I don’t think you’ll need the interpretation, but here it is anyway.

“My name is Konnor. I like reptiles. My crested gecko—he is awesome. His name is Zero. He likes to jump. I like to jump, too. He molted last night.” (Note from Mimi: he ate the skin he molted…yuck!) The drawing is the terrarium Zero lives in with the brown representing the foliage and the green/yellow the lizard.

IMG_4845Konnor's pet: Zero

Tell you what; life with grandchildren is so, so sweet!



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