On being retired.

09-08-15 to doIt’s been over five months now since I retired and I thought it might be nice to share what I’ve discovered. In no particular order, here are some random observations:

  • Weekends and holidays no longer hold the same significance. After all, I’m always experiencing a “day off.”
  • I still write a to-do list. Without one, I’d surely accomplish NOTHING.
  • Irony: my Labor Day to-do list is longer than any other one I’ve made. Shouldn’t I be resting on Labor Day instead of actually laboring?
  • If I don’t get something done today there’s always tomorrow…and the day after that…and the day after that!
  • I need more friends who are retired and have flexible schedules.
  • My husband needs more friends, too.
  • I love my husband of nearly 41 years and he loves me, but too much togetherness at times becomes…well, too much.
  • I need a hobby or two or three.
  • I like sleeping in or at least staying in bed until 8am but then I feel guilty.
  • I need to stop feeling guilty.
  • I’ve had more medical issues in the past five months than in the past five years. What’s up with that?
  • I love having more time to visit family and friends.
  • I love that our flexibility enabled us to get great prices on a recent trip to Ohio.
  • I look forward to that same flexibility helping us get a last minute deal on a fall cruise with our dear friends.
  • I like retirement and don’t miss going into the office at all.
  • I love my husband even more that he convinced me that it was okay to retire a year earlier than we originally planned.

Would love to know your own observations on your actual or upcoming retirement.


3 thoughts on “On being retired.

  1. Oh, I just love that list!

    Sometimes we get a taste of what’s like to be retired with Charlie home.

    But…unless it’s Sunday, I find it so tough to sit still and just enjoy the rain and listen to oldies…too much to do at the computer!

    But I wonder, really wonder, when we’re retired, does the “guilt” monster die?


    Janet Perez Eckles

    International Speaker and Author

    Igniting in you a passion to overcome.


    A Ministry of JC Empowerment, Inc.

  2. Hi Mimi! Miss you at Stetson. The need for doctor visits when you are retired is because ageing sucks! At least that what my friends and I say when we’re feeling really down about the little aches and pains that we never had time to notice before. And that’s a big part of it – we didn’t have time to notice before. Keeping active and trying not to worry is key! Continue to enjoy your retirement!
    Jenny T

    • How nice to see your note in my inbox. I love the mention of keeping active. People always told me once I retired I’d fill my days and wonder how I managed to do life while working! Well, they were right. This week I’ve had appointments or things to do every day. It’s amazing how quickly life marches on. I hope to soon begin some ministry work on a regular basis. Thanks for stopping by. Cindi

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