This Mimi didn’t have a clue!

Clue GameSummer is winding down and there are only a few Mondays with Mimi before school begins on August 24. No sleepover this week; instead I drove to the boys’ house to spend the day with them there. And boy did we have fun!

I went prepared with a craft and some cookies to decorate. As you can see from the pictures, decorating and then eating the cookies was a big hit.


We never did get to the craft as the boys elected instead to play some games. We started with Zingo which is a Bingo game with pictures instead of letters. That one was great for both a four-year-old and a nearly seven-year old.

But each time I suggested a different child’s game, Callan (age 4) would point to the adult version of Clue and insist that’s the one he wanted to play. He even broke down in heart-wrenching sobs when I told him it was for grown-ups and he wouldn’t know how to play it. He continued to sob and state emphatically that he did in fact know how to play the game so I finally relented and got the game.

And I quickly found out Callan was right—you don’t have to know how to play the game to enjoy it. The three of us just did our own thing, making up everything as we went along. You should have seen how happy the little guy was to play Clue with his brother and Mimi. I think we ended up playing for nearly an hour.

The lesson: this Mimi didn’t have “a clue” as to what really mattered. In my rigid mind I thought the game was only appropriate for adults who could play by the rules. But I was wrong! We had a blast despite never following a rule or reading the instructions.

There was such a clear contrast between the fun anticipated by Callan at doing his own thing with Clue and the fun I didn’t think was possible because the game was not age-appropriate. It all boils down to being able to look at the world through the eyes of a child. Rules, schmools! Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and GO FOR IT!

So that’s my encouragement for the week. When it comes to enjoying time with your grands, just go for it. Don’t worry about how you look dancing to the Wiggles. Don’t let a little rain keep you from playing in it. Who says you can’t dress up in ridiculous clothes and pretend to be someone else or enjoy smearing purple icing on cookies and covering them with sprinkles.

Let’s abandon some of our restraint and embrace our inner child and just enjoy the moment, especially when those moments are spent with our grandkids.


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