Racing Sandals in the Rain (more summer fun)

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So the grands are coming in a few hours for an overnight and I’ve been telling myself all day I need to look at my saved Pinterest pins to find some fun projects to do with them. I’ve diligently saved all sorts of craft ideas and treasure hunt lists so I was fairly certain I’d find just the right thing.

Then two minutes ago I was reminded once again that the simple things that don’t require expense, time, or planning are often the most fun. Case in point…racing sandals in the summer rain. Take a peek.

A simple spur-of-the-moment idea that obviously thrilled both boys and Mom, too. It reminded me of when Konnor was about 2 and we had one of those famous summer downpours Orlando is famous for. Part of our yard contains a swale and it filled with water to the point that when you walked on it, you sank about 8”—which was just perfect for entertaining a two-year old for quite a while.

And while I know grandkids can be easily satisfied, sometimes I forget it’s that way with adults, too. Maybe you’ve experienced the same thing. You have a friend you want to invite over but think you need to put on the Ritz to show how much you value her. Because you don’t have the time to do that, you skip the visit hoping to reschedule in the future.

Or you make plans to meet at a nearby restaurant lamenting that you’ll each be spending $15 just to have a gab session when a coffee at Panera or enjoying the Wendy’s value menu together would serve the same purpose.

Let’s put away our own preconceived ideas of what constitutes a fun afternoon for the grandkids or a good time with friends. After all, it really is about being together and enjoying time with each other. Let’s not be so hard on ourselves or expect so much that we miss the wonderful every day opportunities God provides to connect with others.

Now, this Mimi needs to close right now because my swale is full of rain and calling me to do the sloppy, muddy happy dance outside with my grands.


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