Dead or Alive (Part 1): Fight or give up?

Hubby and I are getting into the habit of a nightly walk of about 45 minutes. We wind our way through our neighborhood and then into the attached park. There is a nice pond where on occasion you can see otters, turtles, alligators, and lots of birds such as egrets, Greg Blue Herons, ibis, etc.

Recently, we slowed down to observe a Great Blue Heron wrestling with a fish. Whether or not the fish was alive, we couldn’t tell, but either way it was most intriguing to watch. And true to how the Lord often speaks to me (through nature), His wonderful voice showed me two lessons from that one incident.

We continued watching the heron try his hardest to enjoy a tasty seafood dinner. He flipped the bird around this way and that. He put it on the ground and picked it up again. No matter how he tried to position it, it just wasn’t going to get into his bill and find its way down his throat.

Since Great Blue Herons can eat fish much larger than their necks either this fish was just too large or it was too much of an effort for the bird. In either case the heron eventually left the bird on the ground and started looking elsewhere for his evening meal. I couldn’t help but think about my own struggles at times.

We know all things are possible with God and we’ve often stood on that promise while we wait for Him to work out circumstances so that the impossible actually happens. But there are many times when God has a Plan B, something better or simply something different. And while many Scriptures tell us to stand and fight, we are also told to ask for wisdom, be still, and wait on God.

I think the Great Blue Heron used wisdom that night. He figured out the fight wasn’t worth it and that this was one of those times when it was best to forfeit the meal and walk away. Whatever the reason, that evening his choice was to give up the fight and not expend any more energy.

Psalm 3:5 states we are to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and…not lean on your own understanding.” In fact, the Bible is full of verses about waiting on the Lord and watching Him fight for you, pull you up out of a pit, or bring deliverance from an enemy. And let’s not forget the book of Ecclesiastes which reminds us there is a time for everything.

Seems like the Great Blue Heron knew the timing was off and had the wisdom to do something that seemed strange…abandon that fish. May we be willing to seek God’s wisdom first in all things, completely trust in Him, and abandon our own desires and plans, to rest in Him and wait for Him to act on our behalf.

Stop back soon for Dead or Alive, Part 2 (Stinky Fish) when we’ll talk about using God’s wisdom (discernment) in stinking situations.



3 thoughts on “Dead or Alive (Part 1): Fight or give up?

  1. Dear Cindi,

    I’m not exactly sure why I just rec’d. this e-mail but I’ve read it all and would like to share The letter I Never Wrote (or sent. If ok with you, with a special friend. But, I don’t know how to do so from this rather long “Mimi’s Musings”

    You have a gift for writing, and I if you’re still writing I would love to be on the regular list for receiving.

    Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying your enjoying your Sunday.

    Love you, Mom

  2. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment, Mom. You’re part of the list that automatically gets the post in an email. But it’s been months since I’ve written so I’m sure it was a surprise to find it in your inbox today. Glad you enjoyed. Part 2 will come in six more days. I would love to share the Letter I Never Wrote with the readers. Just email it to me separately and I’ll get it posted soon. I love you to heaven and back!!! Me

  3. Oh, yes, that dead fish we want so bad, we don’t stop till it ends up killing us, right?

    Great analogy, my dear Cindi!

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