A little touch here, a little touch there.

Recently, we did a little fix-up project on the front door. At 25 years old, the house was showing a little wear here and there. Hubby and I love keeping things updated both inside and outside but somehow the front door, other than a good paint job, had eluded our to-do list.

With retirement about 18 months away and with a strong desire to downsize from our large house to something on one level and much smaller, we’ve begun looking at little fix-ups that will make our house more appealing to potential buyers.

One such project was the front door. I forgot to snap a before photo of the entire job but here’s a before photo of the old, tarnished door handle and two “afters” showing the finished job.


Though we had painted the door a deep red several years ago we repainted to freshen it up, then swapped out the handle, added a brass kick plate and also added a door knocker. As you can see, it brings the door to life. And as you walk along the brick path from our driveway to the front entrance it really does look inviting.

Cost? Less than $200. Benefit? Hopefully it will draw in buyers and subtly say (without words) “Think this looks good? You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Little things really can make a difference. As a grandma it’s putting on a lightly scented cologne, always the same one every time I spend the day with them. Don’t know if the grands even notice, but I want them to smell that lovely scent when I hug them hello so that each time I’m near they will be reminded of how much I love and cherish them.

Or it’s wearing sneakers with your outfit instead of the pretty sandals that look better so you can be ready to play ball with the grands or climb playground equipment with them.

It can also be taking the time to research fun things to do with our little ones so it’s exciting and “new” when we’re with them.

And maybe it’s baking cookies either from scratch or from the preformed ones in the dairy section of the store.

Just like my front door updates, none of these things takes a lot of time and they don’t cost much money either. Just little things to do with your little ones that have a huge impact now and will lead to a lifetime of great memories for them.


3 thoughts on “A little touch here, a little touch there.

  1. So true, little things weave big memories!!

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