It’s the little moments…

2-7-14 Quote Unknown
“Konnor has a project, Mom. Maybe you can help him with it after school” said my daughter last week.

What? A project? Help my grandson with his homework? You’ve got it. I’m on it. We’ll get it done lickety slipt.

Daughter continued, “He has to glue 100 things to a tee-shirt in celebration of 100th day.” Huh? What’s 100th day?

Well, it turns out 100th day is a celebration of the 100th day of school. And in honor of this truly momentous event the kindergarteners had to glue 100 things on their shirts in groups of tens or fives then wear their tee-shirt to school on this very special day.

100th Day Shirt in Progress

100th Day Shirt in Progress

Konnor & Mommy working on the shirt.

Konnor & Mommy working on the shirt.

Safety pins, feathers, stickers, balloons, pom poms, googly eyes, you name it, and it ended up on the shirt.

It was a simple, easy-to-do project that honored something that often goes unnoticed – a student finishing up the first 100 days in a particular school year.

Who came up with this idea? Who turned something so mundane into something to be celebrated? Don’t know but I love the thought behind it.

American freelance writer Robert Brault states it so eloquently:

2-7-14 QuoteCelebration

What a perfect thing for a grandparent to do. Celebrate EVERYTHING. Why not!

How about celebrating “Fun Day” by whipping up some cookies then providing icing, sprinkles and plastic knives so the little ones can decorate their own cookies. Messy? Oh yes. Worth it? OF COURSE!

And who says you have to celebrate holidays on the actual holiday? Last weekend we celebrated the very special “Because It’s Fun Even Though It’s Not Easter” event when hubby got out the plastic Easter eggs, hand washed sixty quarters—putting two in each egg, then hid them around the yard. The three older ones had a blast finding ten eggs each. And if you thought that was fun, opening the eggs and finding the coins inside sent them over the moon. Simple, fun, delightful for the grands and just as delightful for the adults to watch. And it celebrated nothing more than the enjoyment of family.

So what do you think? If a school can celebrate 100th day, and if we can celebrate family time with an Easter egg hunt in the winter, I bet there are zillions of other ordinary things we can celebrate. Let’s take Robert Brault’s quote to heart and get the word out. When you come up with something share it with your friends and family, post it on your social media sites and we’ll all benefit from the pure enjoyment of celebrations with our loved ones.


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