The Glory of the Ordinary


I’m enjoying a whole new relationship with grandchild No. 2. After dropping off No. 1 at school we essentially have six hours together before it’s time to return to school to get his big brother at the end of the day. And I’m loving every minute of it.

Callan is agreeable, sweet, loving, and very funny. Take a recent trip to Hobby Lobby. After finishing up our purchases we got in the car and began driving to our next destination. Out of nowhere comes a car zooming across empty parking spaces, completely ignoring the fact that she should have been driving down the aisles rather than where cars are normally parked. And she was driving fast, too. So fast I had to quickly step on the brakes or we would have had a very close encounter.

And from the back seat I hear a very stern voice scolding, “Oh you’re in big trouble Mister Car.” I just couldn’t help but laugh. It was so funny. And he was absolutely right, too.

But the funniness continued later on when folding laundry. I happened to hold up a pair of his daddy’s clean “drawers” announcing “Look, Callan, I’m folding Daddy’s underwear.” Without skipping a beat he shouts out “That’s disgusting.” And when he saw my reaction—which was unbridled laughter—he began repeating it over and over again “That’s disgusting, Mimi, that’s disgusting,” all the while wrinkling up his nose and making faces as he said the word disgusting.

Yup, it seems a young 2-1/2 year old knows how to reduce his grandma to fits of laughter and tears.

I was so tickled by the things he said last week that I actually wrote them down in my phone’s NOTES application so I would remember to write about them later. And it’s these very things, these ordinary-kind-of-day things that make me want to write. That compel me to write so they can stay with me always. I don’t ever want to lose the glory of the ordinary.

It’s easy to take delight in our grands. As we observe them in uninhibited play and discovery, we are reminded of the things that really matter and of life’s simple pleasures.

Oh that each day I would take the time to observe what’s going on around me and revel in those simple pleasures—of seeing the good in others, of appreciating their kindnesses, of sharing a laugh with a coworker, of enjoying an evening chat with a neighbor. That I would indeed experience the glory in the ordinary that surrounds each of us every single day.



3 thoughts on “The Glory of the Ordinary

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