Font too small to read while on the internet? I’ve got your answer!

Doing the happy dance!

Doing the happy dance!

Having trouble reading this? No worries; you’re okay, and so is your eyesight. I wrote this in a smaller font on purpose…to prove a point.

For the past few weeks my display font, while on the internet, has become ridiculously small. No other eye disturbances plagued me so I knew it wasn’t my eyesight. Some setting somewhere had changed. But what setting? And where could I find it?

So I started experimenting with all sorts of computer settings. They made matters worse because my icons grew in size and were now all over the place and no longer in their special places I had made for them on my desktop.

Hmm, I was stumped for sure.

Word opened fine; Outlook was good. Other documents were okay but go the internet and I felt I needed Coke-bottle glasses to see anything. I didn’t know if it was something I did or perhaps something that happened during an auto update.

Finally, today, I went to the source. The one who knows all and answers all. The one who with ease and simple instructions guides me in the right path…google! Don’t know why I didn’t google my question earlier but today I did.

My fingers quickly typed in my query: “Why is my internet font so small?”

And immediately I was given 29,900,000 responses. Surely one of these would prove helpful! And sure enough it only took two clicks. The first answer opened to a very confusing set of instructions. Boy, did I hit that back arrow quickly.

Second click was golden. And here’s the answer: hold down the control button while moving the mouse scroll button forward or backward. Go ahead, try it. Forward makes the font larger; backward decreases the size. It’s magic! And I found it all on my own.

My immediate response was to shout a huge thank you to someone – but the post thread was closed as the answer was from 2009.

So I’m doing the next best thing I can think of: sharing my answer and delight on my blog. So if you see something jumping up and down in the air over South Orlando, it’s probably me doing the happy dance over an answered question that has immediately made my life easier…at least while surfing the net.

Now if only google could take care of the rest of my problems!



3 thoughts on “Font too small to read while on the internet? I’ve got your answer!

  1. What a great post!!

    Now I know…glitches? For small things–Google and for bigger things…God!

    janetperezecklespix (101×130)

    Janet Perez Eckles,

    Grateful for the privilege of inspiring you…

    My website in English

    En Español

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    Inspirational video just for you.

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