Oh the agony!


Lifting (Photo credit: jonclegg)

So daughter has signed up both kids for swim lessons. (Good idea since so many of the family members have pools.)

The five year old has had lessons in the past, is quite comfortable in the water, and is really enjoying and doing well in this year’s lessons.

The younger one, at 27 months, is a different story. He’s really having no part of it. Kate said the first day he screamed “I need my mommy” the entire time.

Can you imagine what that did to his mommy’s heart? It must have been horrible to sit nearby listening to your baby cry out for you, but knowing you had to ignore it. Knowing that the agony he was experiencing was actually for his benefit in the long run.

How often as parents and grandparents we are confronted with such issues. Being the parent of a sick child who must sit by watching his or her little one endure pain. Or having to be strong in heart so you can properly discipline your child even as they sling ugly accusations your way. And on the nights you’re totally exhausted having to muster the strength needed to get the teeth brushed and the child in bed on time because healthy teeth and a rested body are important.

We are never guaranteed that it will be easy to do the right or needful thing. And in fact, it’s often difficult and heart-wrenching (like listening to “I need my mommy” being screamed from the mouth of your frightened child).

Think of your physical body. To increase muscle size and function you lift increasingly heavier weights.

For a year I worked out with a trainer. At the beginning I had poor muscle tone, couldn’t do a push-up, and certainly did not have much of a bicep. But with twice weekly workouts changes began to occur.

Were the workouts fun? No way. They were difficult and sweat filled. At times I hated the trainer and told him “I can’t.” He made me anyway. And he was right. I could and I did. The result? Not only did my endurance increase, but one day I realized two things: my arms now had “guns” and I could do ten push-ups, and not the sissy kind! Hard work brought results.

Same thing with parenting and grandparenting. We must never shy away from doing what’s right in regard to our children. We must never back down from loving discipline. And we must guard against rushing to rescue when the child is safe, in the care of someone we trust, and when the end result is in their best interest.

Easy? No way. But then again, being a parent is hard work. Yet it’s hard work that yields beautiful results.

So hang in there mommies and daddies. Stay strong and stay the course. And may we grands remember our own struggles in raising our little ones and offer encouragement galore and boundless love in support as they face the challenging task of raising their own kids.



2 thoughts on “Oh the agony!

  1. Good piece. Kids need to suffer and struggle a bit, otherwise they’ll never develop their coping chops. But that doesn’t make it any easier for the parents, or grandparents.

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