Disability or Dis-similar Ability?

The Lynch Greeter Bear

The Lynch Greeter Bear

When coming to visit our house you’ll be greeted by our little bear. Given to us by our kids many years ago, we quite frankly haven’t paid much attention to him in a very long time.

But our eldest grandchild has definitely paid great attention to him for nearly his entire life. And what he noticed right from the beginning was the missing left eye ball. The bear did indeed come to live with us sporting two perfectly good glass eyes but because he sits outside, at some point he lost one and we never noticed. But Konnor certainly did and I imagine it bothered him because he mentions the missing eye nearly every time he comes over.

So recently hubby and I decided to do something about that missing eye. Our first instinct was to go to Michael’s and pick up some glass marble-type thing and glue it in. But that was too expected. So instead we stopped in Party City and picked up an eye patch. Yeah, it’s a bit big for this little guy, but with some imagination and paint we think we’ve given him some personality.

What was once a disability (missing an eye) has now simply put become a dis-similar ability. What do I mean by that anyway?

Rather than focusing on what was missing, non-functional, or without use, the focus now is on something unique and colorful, something that sets this little guy apart from the crowd in a totally cool way.

Truth be told, whether seen or unseen, we all have “disabilities” that can limit or hold us back. We not only see them in ourselves but often see them in others.

Why focus on the negative? How much better it would be to switch up our thinking. Instead of looking at the dis-ability perhaps we should try to see the positive—see it as an alternate ability or dis-similar ability.

Maybe I’m not saying it exactly as I’m feeling it in my heart, but I think you know what I’m saying. Philippians 4:8 reminds us: “Brothers and sisters, think about the things that are good and worthy of praise. Think about the things that are true and honorable and right and pure and beautiful and respected” (New Century Version).

We’re all flawed, we’re all lacking—at least in some areas, but we’re also individuals, beautifully and thoughtfully created in the image of God. I choose to change my thinking; I choose to see myself as God created me. How about you?


One thought on “Disability or Dis-similar Ability?

  1. How beautiful, dear Cindi!!!

    I love, love this analogy!

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