Clean as a whistle.

After Wednesday’s colonoscopy a Bible verse kept running through my head.

It’s taken completely out of context but read it for yourself and you’ll understand why it was so apropos: “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known” (Luke 12:2 NIV). [Kind of makes you chuckle, doesn’t it!]

Isn’t that exactly the goal of a colonoscopy? To reveal what is or isn’t there.

Experts say colon cancer is one of the most preventable and treatable cancers. Adopting healthy habits and getting periodic screenings gives medical professionals the opportunity to take care of polyps before they turn in to cancer.

The recommendation is a screen colonoscopy at 50, followed by more screenings every ten years. Should polyps be found they are removed and though each case is different, you will probably return in 3-5 years rather than ten.

I don’t think anyone ever looks forward to a colonoscopy, but I have to admit this time I was almost welcoming it. That’s because five years ago three polyps were found and removed. I don’t ever want to risk colon cancer if there’s a relatively safe test that can prevent or provide early detection.

So just what’s involved? Well, drinking some icky tasting concoction that will have your colon clean in no time followed by a 10-15 minute procedure the following day that you are completely unaware of because you’re in a light sedation and in your happy place.

Recovery from the anesthesia is very quick because it’s not a general anesthesia– you wake up and your head is relatively clear right away.

A little blurry, but you catch my drift...the solution is definitely a big icky.

A little blurry, but you catch my drift…the solution is definitely a big icky.

Colonoscopy over, polyps sent for biopsy, and in two weeks my follow-up doc visit. And I’m good to go for a few more years. Most of all I feel good about having had the procedure. Kind of like I took charge of my health by overcoming negative thoughts that surround having something done to that part of the body.

And my encouragement to you other grandparents is to speak with your physician and if recommended, that you indeed follow through with this important screening. No doubt you’ll discover as I did that when all is said and done you’ll realize it wasn’t nearly as bad as you perceived it would be.


2 thoughts on “Clean as a whistle.

  1. It is crucial to get this screening done. Everyone talks about the prep day, but you may have some discomfort from the gas or from the anesthesia afterwards, too. And you’ll have to get over any shyness about passing gas! Just get it out of there! But any discomfort or embarrassment pales in comparison to the ordeal of colon cancer. So just do it!

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