One of the things we can’t help doing is comparing our grandkids to each other or to other children their age.

Konnor is very verbal and from an early age has been a yacker. Callan, on the other hand, is an observer. He talks when he needs to but often you simply see the wheels of his brain going round and round while he figures out how things work. Puzzles seem to hold an attraction to an extent that if you turn one over, he’ll no doubt complete it even if he wants to do something else. Just can’t leave it unfinished.

Blocks back in the box.

Blocks back in the box.

Blocks in a box.

Blocks in a box.

Our sweet neighbors gave the boys a set of blocks – you’ll see the photos here. At age 2, Konnor would stack them up and make towers. But Callan could care less about the towers and just really enjoys dumping them and putting them back in the box. (Cuz he’s a puzzle guy…with [perhaps] just a little of the family OCD trait thrown in.)

Last week Callan played with his blocks for 30 minutes which in toddler time is a very long time indeed. And this grandma thoroughly enjoyed watching every second. Catch a 30 second video below.

Can’t wait to see what entertains him this week!


4 thoughts on ““Callan”-etics

  1. I find it fascinating to watch grandson Eli “explore” new/old toys–and other objects. Looking for a new educational toy to take when we visit in April. Any suggestions for a then 10 mos. old?

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