Learning more and more about WordPress.

Many of you know that I’m teaching a 3-week class on blogging as part of Stetson University’s Lifelong Learning program. It began last week with an overview of blogging. This week and next we’ll learn how to publish using wordpress.com and post a blog or two.

Meanwhile, I’ve been learning all sorts of new things myself. With this free wordpress account you can’t upload videos which is a huge shame when you have “grands” as cute as mine! But I learned that I can create a link to a channel I’ve set up on youtube. So…

With that in mind, I created my youtube channel, posted a silly little test video and now I’m going to see if others can access it. So if you happen to log in to read about all this, feel free to see if the link works.

Here’s my test video:


7 thoughts on “Learning more and more about WordPress.

  1. It works! Very cool! Hmmmm….maybe I should become a blogger too! My grands are adorable and life has become so much sweeter with them!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

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