I cannot tell a lie…but that doesn’t mean I need to blurt out the truth.

Here’s the thing. My family has this most delicious, most terrible-for-you dessert. Easy to make, a show-off piece when done and something my oldest, now almost 34, absolutely loves. Sure wish I had a picture to show off.

When the kids were young and I would make the cake and serve it after dinner, Tim would be known to polish off most of it the next day for breakfast and lunch. So the cake has affectionately become known as “Timmy Cake.”

Since we went to dinner at Tim’s house last night I decided to make Timmy Cake. I baked my layers, cooled them, removed from them from the pan—they were just perfect! At this point I always slice each layer in two and put the four layers into the freezer for a bit. With firmer layers it’s a bit easier to frost.

In all these decades I’ve never had a layer mishap until the other day. The first two layers made it into the freezer just fine but layer 3, now that was a problem. I had no sooner set it down on the shelf when it came tumbling right out upside down onto the floor, breaking into many pieces.

What? Timmy Cake with only three layers? I don’t think so. No one was around so with the three-second rule in mind I scooped up the broken pieces, rearranged them on the plate and found the perfect spot for them in the freezer.

Interestingly enough after I finished icing them, no one would ever have known. I chuckled as I shared the story with hubby knowing he wouldn’t be grossed out enough to give up eating the cake but we agreed we could tell no one else. So why did I break that promise?

Well, I was having a great conversation with my mom and feeling like she could use a laugh I shared what happened. We laughed and again both agreed it was a funny story but that we wouldn’t breathe a word.

So dinner last night…there were seven of us around the table and it was finally time for Timmy Cake. Big pieces all around, lots of yums sounding as we enjoyed our delectable treat when all of a sudden Grandma (Gigi, my mom) blurts out about the cake falling on the floor and me scooping it up so I could still serve it.

WHAT???? Did she really say that? Now this is the Mom who knew my son and his wife were going to get engage for several months before any of the rest of us knew it. We even went on vacation with her and she never breathed a word. Never told the secret. Did she really tell everyone we were eating laundry room floor cake?

Well, yes she did. Maybe it was the two glasses of bubbly. I don’t know…but it really was quite funny and we all got a very good laugh out of it and probably a story to tell for years to come. And that is why my title says I cannot tell a lie (I actually fessed up after Mom let the cat out of the bag) but if it had been left up to me I simply would never have blurted out this particular truth!

Love you, Mom!!!


p.s. You make a chocolate cake according to package directions and “frost” it with cool whip that’s had melted unsweetened chocolate added. So delish!

5 thoughts on “I cannot tell a lie…but that doesn’t mean I need to blurt out the truth.

  1. Any other flavors except chocolate? And …when you can’t see, dropping food is a common thing…family survived! Imagine that*! *smile*

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