The wait is over…here’s the news

Did my teaser work? Have you been holding your breath in anticipation of the news I was going to share?

The wait is over; here’s the news: Greg ended up having his gallbladder removed last week.

We thought the only health crisis at the moment was my Dad’s fractured vertebrae but a little over a week ago Greg began just not feeling well – nauseous, some tenderness in the belly. One day he was ok, the next day not so much. We thought it was a virus. He even visited the doctor who agreed with the virus diagnosis. By the next day the pain was worse, it hurt to breathe, and Greg had developed a fever. Uh oh.

We quickly thought GALLBLADDER, then immediately verified our suspicions with google’s help. Yup, our self-diagnosis seemed correct so we called back the doc’s office who sent Greg straight to the ER, where they quickly figured out he had an infected gallbladder. He was put on antibiotics to calm down the infection and by 3pm the next day was in surgery. Two days later he’s home and recovering nicely.

Here’s the interesting thing: God gave us a gallbladder. We assume it’s doing something, yet if we need to lose it, we’re fine afterwards. Greg has no dietary restrictions whatsoever. His life doesn’t need to change though he’s lost an organ. It’s hard to wrap your head around that. And, of course, the same holds true with the appendix. Why do we have organs we can get along without?

In the “natural” (by that I mean here in this world) losing an organ and doing just fine without it doesn’t make sense. But in the “spiritual” (the things of God), I want to make sure I hold onto each good and perfect gift he gives us…eternal life, relationship with him, natural talents, spiritual gifts, wisdom and understanding, etc.

At this time of year we think a lot about gift-giving. Sometimes they are given out of duty or expectation but how wonderful the surprise gift that ends up being just the perfect item or the gift desired and hoped for and then received. The joy in giving and receiving that type of gift is priceless.

Scriptures galore enumerate the wonderful gifts God gives us and reminds us that “All generous giving and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights” (James 1:17).

May I be a grateful recipient of these wonderful, perfect gifts given by a wonderful and perfect Heavenly Father. May I treasure them by using them. May I never take them for granted and assume I can live without them or show the love of God to others without them.

Thank you Father for knowing me so well that you know exactly what gifts I need to be the person you want me to be. I appreciate all you do for me and all you give to me.



3 thoughts on “The wait is over…here’s the news

  1. What a surprise! Tell Greg we are thinking of him and praying that he will soon be back to normal. Have a wonderful Christmas, you two, with all your family.

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