Callan gets puzzled!

Mimi here and I’m about to brag on my middle grandchild. I haven’t had as much alone time with Callan as I thought I would. I’m still there on Mondays and this year his older brother is in school for the morning so you would think it would open up a great window of opportunity to hang with the little guy. But here’s what happens – he loves his morning nap and actually loves going to sleep in general.

So by the time we get home from dropping off Konnor and maybe running an errand, it’s time for the nap which usually lasts until it’s time to return to school for the mid-day pick-up.

So my game plan this past week was to put off the nap, delete errands from the to-list, and just spend the time with Callan. And we had a wonderful time.

Now, here’s the brag: Callan is a puzzler extraordinaire! We had a bunch of age-appropriate wooden puzzles at my house so I decided to bring them with me. And the kiddo tore through them like he had been playing with them for weeks.

I remember Konnor doing puzzles at this age. He’d know where the pieces went but would forget that sometimes you need to rotate them to get them to fit into the space. Callan seemed to intuitively understand that concept. He’d no sooner finish one puzzle then he’d be reaching for the other. It was a fun time and a joy to watch his brain gears engaged and running the myriad of tasks it takes to complete a puzzle.

Stay tuned…it’s been an exciting week around here and my next post will be in a day or two and contain a full report. You won’t want to miss it!


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