It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

So the Lynch household is officially decorated…well, we’re as decorated as we’re going to be. The tree, some Christmas knick knacks here and there, and outside lights, thanks to hubby.

I don’t know how old our artificial tree is, but it’s old enough that I can’t even make an educated guess as to its age. So I’m assuming 25 years easy. And every year it actually throws off needles just like real ones so Greg tells me “This is the last year. We need a new one.” Yet, somehow that tree is always disassembled, wrapped up, and put away for another year. (He assures me this really IS the last year. We’ll see…)

In the evening with dimmed lights, the Christmas tree stands proudly with its glittering lights reflecting off the decorative ornaments. It’s a thing of beauty for sure.

But in the light of day and with a closer look you can see the thinning branches, the dropped “needles,” the bent top, and the scraped up paint on the trunk. Each year you have to spread apart the branches to fluff it up but those branches are becoming more brittle with each passing year. And it seems to take more ornamentation to cover up the tree’s failings.

Sounds a little like me. The “branches” of my hair are thinning (yes, it happens to women, too!), my skin is droopy just like the needles dropping on my tree, I’m a bit bent over each morning until I stretch away the aches and pains, my nails are brittle and splitting, and my paint is definitely scratched up as thinner skin allows for bumps and bruises to dot my legs from minor taps with furniture. Indeed, it takes a lot more ornamentation (make-up and jewelry) to hide the flaws and evidence of aging on my nearly 60-year-old body.

Unlike hubby and I, who will indeed this year toss out the tree in January, God doesn’t toss us aside after decades of use.

In fact, we’re reminded in Psalm 92:12-14 that “the godly will flourish like palm trees and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon.For they are transplanted to the Lord’s own house. They flourish in the courts of our God. Even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green.” (Emphasis totally mine!!!)

Thank you Father for not tossing me aside like some discarded Christmas tree. Thank you for finding beauty and value in me. Thank you that even in my old age I will still produce fruit and remain vital and green.


p.s. I had the best time today with the boys. Puzzles with Callan while Konnor was at school, then off to the playground with the two of them, and finishing up with ice cream at McDonalds. Simple pleasures made better because they were shared with my grands.

3 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

  1. Dear friend, This is so insightful and inspiring. Just last week at a Kaye Arthur bible study she said over and over, “It’s not over until the coffin is closed.” We are to be productive until the end! A challenge for sure and you’ve apparently got it!

  2. Wow, very nice blog subject and I can definitely relate to it. I loved the ending for God never gives up on us and that is the true beauty of living and life itself. Thank you Cindi for this article. Thank you GOD for a love that transends all understanding. Merry Christmas!

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