Ice cream for everyone!

Yesterday was the perfect BEING A GRANDPARENT DAY. Hubby and I got to do what grandparents do best – play and spoil their grands.

First stop was to pick up the boys while Mommy and Daddy got ready to go out for their anniversary date. Sox and shoes on, then out the door to the nearby playground before it got dark. Despite there being literally about 100 kids already there, our little guys were able to join right in and have a blast. Konnor, an old pro, brought a small car with him. He’d climb to the top of a slide and let the car go, seeing how far it would jump at the end of the slide. And Callan, who is totally fearless, tried to climb up all the rope ladders and other apparatus that the big kids were climbing.

We followed with a quick trip to the lake, also near the playground, to see what we could see: turtles, birds, boats.

Back to the car where we immediately drove to Jason’s Deli for a great meal followed by ice cream. I think you can see from the video that the ice cream was the best part of dinner.

Back home where we went to work on a turning the freezer into Frosty. We found the idea on Pinterest and think our result was just great. The freezer is in the garage so the idea was to surprise Mommy and Daddy when they arrived home. And we did! They loved it.

Mission accomplished. Boys in bed, Mommy and Daddy have a date, Mimi and Pop Pop are thought to be the best grandparents in the world, and fun was had by all!



One thought on “Ice cream for everyone!

  1. You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! What fun. We love your Frosty fridge. Must give that a try with our cousins!

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