All the way to heaven and back.

Last Monday brought hubby and I the opportunity to spend some time with our son and daughter-in-law and their precious little one, our first granddaughter. After spending the night with them and waving goodbye as they went to work, we had the whole day to ourselves with Her Sweetness.

If I could somehow adequately describe the most amazing whole-face smiles she gives, it would light up your world and give you the same deep, down joy that we experienced. The smile includes her scrunched up nose and travels to her eyes that dance and twinkle with delight…at just about everything! So you can imagine that part of our joy that day was simply in getting her to giggle.

So while hubby did some house projects I contented myself to sitting on the floor just watching her, taking tons of pictures, and in making her laugh. (I’m pretty sure if a video was taken of this Mimi playing with her granddaughter, it would prove quite embarrassing.)

And there are more great inventions these days to make it a bit easier to raise and train your kids. But we grandparents sometimes need a few remedial lessons. For instance, there’s what looks like a Capri Sun juice pouch only it’s filled with veggies and fruit. It has a screw off cap and the idea is until the child learns how to sip it out herself, you simply squirt a little in, let her swallow, and repeat. Okay, so what I did was kind of like what hubby did 32 years ago when he squirted whipped cream into the mouth of our son and it came out so fast and his mouth was so tiny that it just overflowed and went everywhere. Yup, you guessed it; I did the same thing with the veggie/fruit pouch. I had no idea how much to squirt but you better believe I learned very quickly as I watched the green stuff ooze out of the mouth and onto the bib!!!

And did you know there are floatation thingies for babies complete with canopies for sun protection? Found out at the end of the day, hours after the swim, that you take the canopy OFF to put the baby in. We left it on and if you could have seen these two 60-year-olds trying to maneuver that baby into the floatie – well, let’s put it this way. If my kids ever find out the silly things we did when they weren’t around, they might never let us come back!

When my kids were young we had strollers without cup holders; we didn’t have wipes; we had disposable diapers that leaked; our babies rode in non-fancy car seats; they grew up without sound machines; we didn’t make our own baby food; we had playpens (heaven forbid you use one of them today); we had cribs with drop sides that made it easier on our backs but less safe for the little ones; we used bottles with BPA (what IS that stuff anyway); we put our babies to bed on their tummies; and before we even gave birth we wore relatively ugly maternity wear.

Yes, things are very different today and we grands have to learn a whole new way of doing things. But the basics haven’t changed at all: we get to love, love, love our babies and (as I say to Konnor)…we love them all the way to Heaven and back. And for that I’m very grateful.



3 thoughts on “All the way to heaven and back.

  1. LOL at your description of floaty things and modern life. Oh, gosh – I laughed my way through your entire post. Thanks for a great start to the weekend! Enjoy those precious smiles!

  2. Getting a toddler into a car seat is hard enough. I can’t imagine trying to maneuver one into a floaty thing! And, yes, things have changed, but many — especially those involving safety — are better.

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