Shots and Fevers and Bumps and Bruises

Seems I’m sprouting more and more grey hairs daily as my little ones endure shots, fevers, bumps, and bruises. I know it is torture for the parents to watch their children suffer but boy! is it hard for the grands, too.

Happily, in most cases the babies bounce back and life is good once again, but worry over them is most definitely tough to deal with.

The Bible tells us to not worry and to trust God but in rough circumstances, it’s often the last thing we do. But the good news is that prayer is always available and also as the Bible says, it really does make a difference. A huge difference! And when this grandma can do nothing to comfort children or parents, it gives me great peace to know I can pray.

Meanwhile, today while watching the boys I caught a glimpse of my very grown-up older grandson. He turns four in two weeks and it seems like overnight he really does look old enough for school. And though the time has flown by way too quickly, going to school is also a part of the growing up process so all in all it’s a good thing.

I also enjoyed lots of time with the little guy while big brother took a long nap. And what a fun time we had. Lots of dancing, lots of ball throwing and he completely caught me off guard when I said “Don’t throw it this time, just roll it to me.” And he did. He rolled that ball right across the floor. When did he become such a little boy and no longer a baby? So while Konnor is at pre-K, I’ll have lots of alone time with Callan and I’m truly looking forward to the special bond we’ll no doubt develop over the next few months.

And baby girl? Well, we are “jumping out of our socks” excited that we get to see her this weekend and spend the day with her on Monday. Fun, fun, fun.

I was reading in Philippians tonight about Paul’s take on joy – it’s important and he wants everyone to experience it. Seems impossible to have it all the time but that’s just exactly what he desires for us.

So my friends and family, I, too, wish for you the blessing of joy. In the midst of trying circumstances and when times are great, may the wonderful joy of the Lord be yours and may it indeed be your strength.



2 thoughts on “Shots and Fevers and Bumps and Bruises

  1. I vacationed with my son and his daughter last week. We took a ride on an old-fashioned train, and when we stopped for the locomotive to take on water, my granddaughter and I got off, while my son stayed on the train. My granddaughter decided that she wanted to do what the other kids were doing, which was crossing a little creek by walking on a log. I could hardly stand to look, even though the log was only a couple of feet high. I could just see her falling off and see the look my son would give me when I returned her wet and bruised! It is nerve-wracking to be a grandma!

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