Mmmm Mmmm (sounds like Mimi to me!)

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I have really missed my grandbabies. I was away two Mondays in a row which meant it was three weeks between visits. And might I add how much kids change in that timeframe!

Konnor is just a few weeks from his fourth birthday and will be going to pre-K this fall. And he all of a sudden seems so grown up. Of course, that fun little boy is still inside and we see it when he talks about the stuff he needs for school: a Spiderman lunchbox and an Angry Birds backpack.

Meanwhile, Callan is using language and just delighting this granny when he talks. It’s low and deliberate. No “Mimi” yet but we got close last week when he said “MMM MMM.” I took that as Mimi and was completely enthralled with the grand utterance!

The Florida heat has been oppressive this year so our outings have been few. Hoping for some time feeding ducks at a nearby park this week, I brought along some bread. But alas, took it home as it turned out to be another inside day.

Of course, I also miss my baby girl – now 10 months old and oh so cute. It seems like forever since I’ve seen her but in just a few weeks Pop Pop and Mimi will be spending the day with her and I’m counting the minutes until that day arrives.

For four years now I’ve proudly answered to Mimi. And the wonder of being a grandparent just grows and grows. Everything one of these little one does amazes and amuses me. From a fish face pressed against glass to trying to walk in a parent’s shoes, from flossing teeth like a grown-up to knowing all about landfills, and from being the smiliest child on the planet to waving bye-bye…it’s all so very precious.

Until next time…


Grandchildren give us a second chance to do things better because

they bring out the best in us. ~author unknown

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