Jesus is there.

So this past Monday turned out to be eventful for the boys and me. I loaded them in their car seats and off we went to McDonalds for lunch. We had the CD player cranked up and Konnor and I were singing when I noticed a rhythm playing in the background. Kind of like drums. Hmm, I turned down the volume and sure enough, the rhythm I heard was a flat tire.

I told Konnor we had a flat and then decided to continue driving the remaining mile and a half to McDonalds. We’d be in a parking lot and would have a nice place to hang out while waiting for AAA to arrive.

The call was made, we enjoyed lunch, and all the while Konnor kept watch for the tow truck to arrive. He had no idea what one was so I’m not quite sure he even knew what to look for. But soon enough I got a call and heard “Your hero is on his way. I’ll be there in five minutes.”

And that day the AAA guy really was my hero. Couldn’t have been nicer either. Changing the tire took all of ten minutes and Konnor got up close and watched everything. Callan was great, the technician was courteous and soon we were on our way.

Fast forward two days to my Wednesday night discipleship class. We are each asked to share some nuggets from God’s Word from the previous week. And the one that really struck me was something Kurtis shared. He talked about the story from the book of Mark where the disciples and Jesus were in a boat on the water. Jesus was sleeping and a severe storm came up. The nugget Kurtis received was that in the midst of the storm, Jesus was there. Jesus was there.

Now you and I would most like it if Jesus calmed the storm, blew the storm away, or better yet prevented the storm. And while I don’t wish a storm on anyone and would always opt for prevention, the truth is that we will most certainly encounter storms in our life. Many of them.

But our assurance is that we don’t go it alone. Jesus is with us. Right there in the middle of our bedlam, of our difficult times, and even in the McDonald’s parking lot with a flat tire. Jesus is there.

My Monday flat tire storm was more like a little rain shower. But Jesus was still there. And the truth that Kurtis shared with us Wednesday really hit me because it reminded me that Jesus is with me in any storm I face. And because of that I can be reassured that he knows what I’m going through and he will be right there to comfort and guide me.

So take heart dear ones, in the midst of what you’re going through…Jesus is there!



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