Let’s look it up on the internet, Mimi.

Let’s look it up on the internet, Mimi.

After several Mondays off I returned to watching the boys yesterday. I’ve missed seeing them so much I couldn’t wait until Monday and ended up inviting hubby and myself there Saturday so we could visit. And what a welcome we received—little Callan was waving hello furiously at us with both hands as we entered the house.

On Monday, one of the first orders of business was to take a walk. This Florida heat has been crazy for months. Each day swelters and rain is an almost daily occurrence so you can imagine the humidity levels. You step outside into what feels like thick, hot pudding and plod along s-l-o-w-l-y because walking at a normal pace immediately starts the sweat pouring down. Yes, I said sweat. What we do in the Florida heat is definitely not perspiration; it’s plain old SWEAT!

With that background you can imagine why we take early morning walks and tend to stay inside the rest of the day. Kate had told me that Konnor was very interested in nature and in finding out the “why” behind things. He recently learned that roly poly bugs (a/k/a potato bugs or pill bugs) eat their own poop, are crustaceans, and have gills. All this because after seeing them with his mom, Kate helped him look up the info on the internet.

We were very conscientious on the walk, trying to find cool things to look up when we got home but unfortunately, nothing caught our attention. However, the minute we arrived back home and started talking about the storms we’ve been having, Konnor asked to use the ipad to look up lightning. That, of course, led to tornadoes and for 45 minutes this three-year old was fascinated by pictures and videos. Every now and then I would pull up cute kid and animals videos but no, he quickly tired of them and would select a new storm video to play.

I don’t remember my own kids being this interested in nature or science until they were in school. And even then I’m not so sure they were that interested. But to see it in a three-year-old is amazing to this grandma. We may have a future scientist or explorer or doctor in the family. Or we may have a curious boy who just loves this stuff and he’ll end up being the kid whose mom, when doing the laundry, finds all sorts of interesting things in his pockets.

In the past month, Callan has changed…drastically. He’s really turned from baby into a little boy. And though toddling around now, he has balked at wearing shoes. Didn’t want anything to do with them but Florida sidewalks and driveways are hot. And playgrounds with their protective rubber “floors” are also hot so it was obvious he was going to have to get used to shoes and soon! So imagine my joy the other day when Kate shared a video of Callan toddling around the house with sandals on. Don’t know what clicked and don’t know if he’ll wear other shoes but at least he’ll wear the sandals. (Of course, it was too hot to hit the playground the other day, but chances are the shoes will come in very handy someday soon!)

After watching Callan, I couldn’t help but think about this verse in the Bible from Psalms 37:23: “The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.” So while I and countless other grandmas and grandpas are watching the steps of “grands,” how precious to know the Lord is watching our steps as well, and also delighting in every detail of our lives!


2 thoughts on “Let’s look it up on the internet, Mimi.

  1. I just had this conversation with one of my grandsons–about pill bugs being crustaceans!

    It’s hot in South Texas, too. Last summer was a scorcher, too. The grandkids and I usually take a walk when they come over, but on one of our walks, my granddaughter was trying to take shelter in the shade of a mailbox! That’s when we decided it was really too hot to walk.

  2. Too funny! Love the shoe video. Kitty came over to investigate and watch Callan as I played it on the iPad. She got all excited hearing voices and at first she was confused…where are the people? Then she caught on and watched everywhere Callan walked. Those are some pretty cool new shoes, Dude!

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