How cute is a one-year old?

For three and a half years I’ve been oohing and aahing over every milestone in Konnor’s short life. And while I certainly love my grandbabies, no matter what their age, there’s something almost magical about turning one. So many things change so quickly. And now I’m experiencing again all that one-year-old cuteness in Callan.

He’s been walking for three or four weeks now but how he walks is just too precious. One leg bends and the other not so much so it makes him walk a little sideways. I think I could just watch him toddle for hours on end.

And then there’s his special Callan speech. Yes, he has a few recognizable words, but mostly it’s just purposeful language that Callan and Callan alone understands. But he really babbles, getting quite animated at times. Again, let a grandma prop her feet up and just watch and listen – it’s a great way to spend some time.

Then there’s the copying. Konnor was showing me his impressive somersaults made even more impressive when you realize he’s doing them with a blanket over his head. So Callan, of course, sees my reaction to this amazing feat and immediately lays his head on the floor, babbling something I think meant “Look Mimi, I can do it, too!”

And then there’s the favorite “uh oh” said every time a certain 13-month old drops food on the floor (on purpose???) so the dog has an opportunity to clean things up.

And do you ever wonder what a little one thinks when you stick your fingers in his mouth exploring how many new teeth are coming in? By the way, there are two new molars poking through.

Add to all this fun some slobbery kisses, presenting their belly or cheek for repeated zerberts, and leaning their head to their shoulder whenever you say “Be cute,” and you have some very good reasons to want to see one-year-olds as much as possible.

Not to leave anyone out, included here is a picture of a beach stroller (as Konnor calls it) that he helped put together today. He did the washers, handed me the cotter pins, and also put on the wheels. Then he helped attach the umbrella and found lots of toys to put in the big basket. I think he’s now ready for the beach. When did he become big enough to be such a great helper? (By the way, you can find this at Costco for $49. I think it’s a must-have for those who have lots of stuff to bring to the beach.)

Needless to say, it was a wonderful day spent with some pretty wonderful grandsons.


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