Just poking my head in your door…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what’s really important to our grands. Time and love. Basic needs that when met, make a world of difference.

I want to be thought of as the granny who isn’t afraid to pick up a dead worm because Konnor thinks it’s cool. I want to be the granny who gladly accepts wet kisses from a very slobbery teething 13 month old. And I definitely want to be a grandma who DOES rather than one who sits and DOESN’T!

Today Kate spent the day with Konnor. Just the two of them. And boy, did they make memories. I’m not sure of everything they did but as you can see from the picture, it included face painting, Lego playing, McDonald’s was in there (possibly some ice cream), and it also included lots of giggles and special mommy time. From the second picture you can see that Konnor had a full day!

Everyone is busy these days. Work is stressful and home can be stressful, too. There’s never enough money and there’s never enough time. But when a mommy takes time to spend with one of her kiddies, it really speaks volumes. It tells that little one that he or she is not only loved, but cherished.

And we certainly don’t need to spend a lot of money…it’s just about being together. Emphasis on the being.

The same translates to adult relationships. Sometimes we think we need to make a grand gesture or do something on a big scale when really all that’s needed is a single rose given with love, or a walk around the block with your loved one without grimacing first. It’s even doing some of those little chores around the house that seem to pile up and remain on the to-do list. You know, doing them without being reminded. Just because you want to please the other.

My prayer for today is that we would open our eyes to more of these “little” things we can do or say that will make a big difference in the lives of others: our children, our grands, our friends, and others we come in contact with on a daily basis.



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