Perspective is everything.

I live in a beautiful community called Hunter’s Creek. With 25,000 people, it’s actually bigger than the town I lived in “up north.” For 12 years I’ve called this place home but perhaps didn’t appreciate the beauty of it until recently.

Our full-color monthly magazine arrived celebrating the 25th anniversary of the community. And included in the many articles was a breathtaking two-page aerial photo of Hunter’s Creek.

WOW! This place is beautiful. I want to live here. Wait a minute; I DO live here.

It’s amazing what perspective can do. Every day I drive down the clean streets, bordered by well-maintained landscaped areas. I pass the tree-adorned parks, and travel by lakes and ponds scattered throughout. But apparently, I’m not really seeing what the photograph portrayed.

And why not? Perhaps it’s because I’m at street level. I’m right there in the midst of all this loveliness and yet don’t see…or appreciate what’s here.

But when I looked at that aerial photo and saw just how many lakes we’re surrounded by, how many trees we get to enjoy—when I saw it from above—that’s when the true beauty became evident. Because now instead of just seeing my little spot in the world, I have a broader perspective and can better appreciate the beauty of the entirety.

Perspective is so important in life. When we as parents or grandparents look at our little ones, we often see misbehavior or a stubborn action. We see a flaw that we want or need to correct. We can see shortcomings, and in comparing them to others of a similar age, we can even see in adequacies.

And you know something? We may even be seeing in truth. But truth doesn’t stop there. It needs perspective. Without that perspective, the truth is incomplete. We don’t have the whole picture.

Let’s see what happens with some perspective. Perhaps that little one is misbehaving because they’re tired. Perhaps they are acting stubborn because they really do think candy is a good substitute for a well-balanced meal. Perhaps the one who walks later than someone else’s child is just plain laid back and content to just be rather than to surge ahead and meet all those milestones on someone else’s timetable.

Our little ones are growing up in a tough world. After seeing that aerial picture of Hunter’s Creek I realize that I want to see my precious grandkids the way God sees them. With His perspective, I will pray more effectively, I will teach more effectively, I will love more effectively.

I want to zoom out and see all the possibilities of who they are and of who they will become. I want to have understanding and patience, just as our heavenly Father has toward us. I want my little ones to know I am completely in love with them and that I will always believe and hope for the best for them.

I want to be for them a safe place, a harbor in this crazy world. So they grow up secure in my love and affection for them.

Heavenly Father, I need your eyes. I want your eyes. For my grandbabies, for life in general. I want to view circumstances from your vantage point, so I can learn that even when I don’t see clearly, that you are still in control, that you are still taking care of me and my loved ones, and that you are completely trustworthy.

In Jesus’s name. . . amen.

2 thoughts on “Perspective is everything.

  1. Oh, I love what you wrote about perspective! Well done, and it has reminded me to look at my circumstances, my loved one’s, from God’s perspective.

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