Happy Birthday Callan

Blink your eyes and time has passed. While it’s crazy enough that my last post was six weeks ago (even though it feels like only a week or two since we last visited) it’s even crazier, astonishing in fact, that Callan is about to turn one. How can that possibly be!

It was a year ago that we were on baby watch for grandchild no. 2. Anxious to meet this little man, we were filled with anticipation awaiting his arrival.

And now we’re here 12 months later getting ready for a birthday blowout (okay, so just family and cake). Whew!

And just who is this sweet boy, Callan? He’s a precious bundle of love. Not quite walking, but mostly up on his feet, babbling all day long mixed in with the occasional real word, funny as all get out, in love with Mimi nibbling on his tootsies, full of cuddles and smiles…he’s a real sweetheart, that’s for sure!

Meanwhile, older brother seems just that…older. I know he’s only three, but yikes! It’s already time for pre-school starting in August. Really? Well, yes. After all, he’ll turn 4 in August. When he comes to visit he brings his backpack filled with hand-picked toys to keep him entertained, looking oh so grown up. He knows the difference between a slotted screwdriver and a Phillips head. And, of course, when you can’t figure out something on your iphone or ipad, he takes it from you, performs the task, and hands it back saying “Here you go, Mimi.”

Not to be left out is my precious granddaughter. To have a little girl fill your heart with smiles and love, dressed in purple or pink (sometimes both!) melts your heart and reminds you that life indeed is good.

Being a grandma has just been the best. Is it tiring? It can be downright exhausting. But would I trade it for anything? Not on your life…or mine.

My grandchildren are my heart, and that heart is filled to overflowing.

Happy birthday, sweet Callan. I love you!

Your Mimi


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Callan

  1. I am so thankful that Mimi is back posting. What a long dry spell it’s been! Happy Birthday, Callan! You have the best grandma in the whole wide world!

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