What my little ones taught me this week.

Konnor taught me that youngsters have an incredible thirst for knowledge and an ability to learn that is truly amazing. So let’s feed that.

Kate and Chris are bringing books into Konnor’s life on a variety of topics and he loves them all: Babe Ruth, George Washington, Helen Keller, Sacagawea, etc. And he remembers details even without understanding them. He knows Washington was the first president (what’s a president anyway?), he was the leader of our country (what’s a country?), Helen Keller was deaf and because of that at first couldn’t talk (why couldn’t she talk?).

Give the kid a floor puzzle and he’ll stay on task, figuring out each piece by content and color; then proudly do it again.

And the iphone and ipad? They’re a piece of cake for a three-year-old. There are so many educational apps out there. Lots of fun for sure, but educational at the same time. No worries if you’re not even sure how they function. Just give the device to your little one and he or she will figure it out in no time.

And with Callan I saw the process of thought at work…problem solving 101. From simple mimicry to putting items IN to a container then taking them OUT of the container, it’s great fun to watch your ten month old remind you of how God made our beautiful brains pliable and able to learn.

Here are a few current ipad/iphone app recommendations:

I Write Words – teaches how to write upper and lower case letters and numbers, too. A voice reads the letters as written and then the word that’s formed as a result.

Match Animals – get the paid version. It’s only $.99 or $1.99 and worth it. It’s a matching game with pictures of real animals. You get to hear the sounds each animal makes and by the animal’s name is written out. Touch the name and it’s read out loud. The way “pigeon” is pronounced is especially fun to a youngster.

Lunch Box – Lots of games in this one. This preschool game works on shapes, colors, same/different, and has some great puzzles.


3 thoughts on “What my little ones taught me this week.

  1. Cindi~ Evan comes to church with us and often times stays for the message……which we know is not very interesting for a 4yr old. I take the ear piece for my iPad and he reads books ( or it reads to him). Yes he loves to play the games etc but he sort of knows this is a good time to read a book too. ( He also has them on my iPhone just in case I don’t have my iPad with me). I can see I won’t be able to help him with his homework past preschool!!

  2. I’m resisting the lure of the iPad. I have an iPhone, but use it for emergencies only–when we are stuck in a long line somewhere or caught in traffic. I am big on books, though, and am impressed with Konnor’s reading list.

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