Giggles Galore

Spent the weekend with “the kids” which means adult children and our ever so precious baby granddaughter. Had a splendidly wonderful time, returning in time for the Super Bowl Sunday evening.

Since both hubby and I had the day off Monday we had plans for a few errands, preparing our taxes, followed by a movie…until some kind of nasty virus hit us both. And though the worst was over after 24 hours, on Day Three we still find ourselves taking small sips of water and tiny bites of food, not quite trusting that what goes down will stay down.

Too much info I’m sure. But it does explain why I’m late posting. And it also explains why this will be short.

So here’s what I want to say. I’m so in love. Yes, totally, head over heels in love with my sweet five-month-old granddaughter. Oh I know; I’m a grandma. I’m in love with all my grandbabies. And I am. Each one is unique and precious in his or her own way. ’ve talked often about the boys so let tell you what’s so fun about this little one.

She laughs. She really laughs. And this grandma has no problem doing any silly thing to encourage those out loud, silly giggles. I know it’s probably embarrassing to my grown kids and at one point I even asked my hubby if he thought I was being too silly. But he said not at all. Because the little one loved it. And that’s who I was engaging with.

And you know something? He was right. So throwing caution to the wind I continued on. The reward? More and more and more giggles. And each giggle has buried itself in my heart and while dealing with this stomach thing the past few days they’ve brought me sweet comfort as I remembered their sounds and the look of delight on her face with each one.

I am blessed indeed.



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