What’s in a name?

It really is the little things. I want to remember every cute thing my grandkids say and do. It all seems so precious to me.

As a kind of spur of the moment surprise, Pop Pop and I took Konnor to the circus on Saturday. We arrived at his house right after breakfast and immediately began helping Konnor get ready for his big outing. As Greg helped him into his jacket I overheard Konnor say to him, “Zip it up Pop Pop; all the way to my chin.” Now come on, was that not the cutest thing!

And while babysitting Monday, a crew arrived to begin work on bathroom renovations. They were wonderful! All day long Konnor was in their faces watching every single thing they did and asking questions like crazy. And they were so patient—taking the time to explain (over and over again) what they were doing. I think he asked a thousand questions and each time they gave an answer. But best of all was as they got everything all set up to begin working, Konnor got himself set up, too. With great purpose he marched into the living room to his Black & Decker tool bench, got his little pretend drill and carried that thing with him all day just like the adult workers. If they were working on something, so was he!

The owner really impressed me; you could tell he was a grandpa. He engaged Konnor in conversation throughout the day and even promised to bring some sign language flashcards the next day that were age appropriate. But most impressive of all was the follow-up phone call I received to ask how to spell the names of each boy. I’m not really sure what he was going to do with the info but it showed me that he enjoyed children and had respect for them because he took the time to be sure he got their names correctly spelled. He took an interest in them.

There’s Someone else who knows our name, too. Someone else who takes great interest in us. The Lord!

Isaiah 43:1 says God calls us by name because He knows each of us by name personally. And in Psalm 147:4 we learn God also counts the stars and calls them all by name. Imagine how many stars and people there are in the world and think about God knowing the names of each one! How amazing is that.

Our days aren’t perfect. Our lives aren’t perfect. But be encouraged dear friends and family because we do have a perfect Heavenly Father who indeed loves us perfectly and completely. And he knows us each by name.

Just think about that!


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