I just keep lovin’ and lovin’ and lovin’

I often tell adult children that they will never really know how much their parents love them until they, too, become parents. And it truly seems to be this way. But something else I’ve discovered is that as much as I thought I loved my kids (two by birth and two by marriage) once they became parents my love for them deepened in a way I didn’t expect. YES I love my grandbabies but WOW oh WOW I love my kids even more now than I did before. And how is the even possible!

My mom and I have always chatted with each other often, whether we lived 10 miles apart or 150 miles apart. It’s what we enjoy doing. But I have to tell you that in my 30s and 40s sometimes when Mom would call and I’d answer with a cheerful ‘hello’ in actuality I would be rolling my eyes. (Mom: I know it wasn’t nice, I’m just telling it like it was.)

But all that has changed as I’ve entered my mid-life years. I delight in each phone call Mom and I trade. And now I find myself wanting to speak with my adult children as often as possible and I just betcha they’re rolling their eyes as they look at caller ID on their cell phones. (Of course, many times we end up trading text messages so no one even has to pretend to be cheerful when I call.) When I call I don’t have anything to say and most times they don’t either, it’s just that somehow my love for them has expanded and it’s like I can’t get enough of them. Hence the phone calls.

My love for my kids is so strong and so deep that I couldn’t possibly have imagined that I could or would love them anymore than I already do. But the truth is: I do. And each day it just keeps on growing.

The biggest joy in all this lovin’ going on is that now my own children are experiencing this amazing love that defies description. And I ask you, how good is that!

But it actually DOES get better because we have a heavenly Father who loves in this way. Ephesians 3:18 wants us to “…have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is.”

So today I’m sighing…in complete satisfaction at how I love my children and grandchildren, at how much my children love their children, and because most of all, I know that I know that I know my God loves me even more!


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