We watched the world go by.

Have you noticed how scary fast time goes by? It goes faster and faster with each day I grow older and older.

Have you all heard about the Elf on a Shelf? It’s one of Santa’s elf that helps him know who’s being naughty or nice by taking up residence in a child’s house and flying around at night, landing at different spots. He reports back to Santa so he can decide if the child gets presents. Well, that may not be the story exactly but it’s close. Apparently, if you touch the elf, it loses its magic.

So this year parents are buying their own Elf on a Shelf. After a child goes to bed the parent(s) put the elf someplace for the child to find the next morning. Each morning the child wakes up, hunting for the elf. Kate’s been doing it with Konnor and he’s loving it. He named the elf and told us it’s a “she.” Konnor eagerly looks for her each morning and excitedly shows us where she fly to the night before.

Now, I don’t know that it’s necessarily changing Konnor’s behavior or making him more nice than naughty, but he’s having a lot of fun with it and so are his parents!

I try to look for ways to encourage Konnor to be a good helper so last week and this week I asked for his help in making his peanut butter sandwich. He did great last week and I figured he do even better this week. Out comes the giant Costco-size jar of Jif and some graham crackers rather than bread. He made one “sandwich” and must have decided the best part was the peanut butter so in the next second his entire hand went into the jar, grabbing a giant gob of the gooey peanut butter. And then he began licking every single bit of it off each finger. It was hysterical – and for your viewing pleasure a picture to accompany this tale. (And the only reason I caught it on the camera is because he did it a second time!)

Though this was certainly a highlight of my day, what I really enjoyed was when we watched the world go by. This is where Mimi and Konnor (and Callan someday) bring out their stadium chairs, sit outside and watch. Whatever. We see clouds, birds, people, and this week we saw the street sweeper which excited Konnor beyond belief. It’s a lovely experience to slow down and watch the world. I wonder why we adults don’t do that more.

And a report on 8 month old Callan. Last month he had one tooth pop through. In these past two weeks three more popped and last night I discovered tooth number five had broken through with number six sure to follow from the looks of his swollen gums. Yikes. No wonder his sleeping patterns have been interrupted and he’s needed more hugs than usual.

And here’s a bit of free advice for all grandparents everywhere. I take no credit for this because I know I read it in a magazine. Never talk to a child who wakes up at night. Thankfully I knew this because at 1:52am Callan woke up crying and after listening for ten minutes I knew I needed to get him before he woke up his brother.

He was wide awake when I picked him up and at first he just snuggled into my neck. And then, after realizing this wasn’t Mommy or Daddy, he pushed his body away from mine and took a big look at my face, then broke out into the BIGGEST toothy grin as the realization hit him. Mimi was here and when Mimi’s here we play and have fun. Oh, was he wired. But I was strong. I kissed him and said yes I was here, and that was it. No more interaction as he desperately tried to engage me by making noises with his tongue, grinding his teeth together, and “talking” in his special baby language. It was so funny, but I didn’t give in. Even so, it took about 30 minutes for him to go back to sleep. And you know what? I really didn’t mind. We were having Mimi and Me time and I ate up every blessed second of it!

Okay folks, this is it until after Christmas. May this upcoming weekend and time spent with family be blessed. May you be reminded of the One who the day is really about. And may you relish the knowledge that the son of God came for you personally.


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