There’s plenty!

What fun I had last night! Let me give you a bit of background.

My Ohio family had come to stay at my house over Thanksgiving and as a hospitality gift, instead of giving me another tchotchke I didn’t need, instead they left a big bin of Lego Duplo blocks to give my grandkids. It was absolutely the perfect gift. Thank you family!

I put a name tag with “Konnor” written on it, attached it to the Lego container, left it at Konnor’s front door, knocked, and then ran around the corner. Sure enough, he and his mommy looked out the window to see the container marked with his name. I peeked a time or two and could see him looking around trying to figure out how it got there but with the magic of the holiday season upon us, maybe he thought Santa came early.

A few minutes later I went inside to say hi to Konnor and see the joy on his face with his new blocks. He was ecstatic to say the least! But then Kate told me what he said when he opened the container and I had to smile. After removing the lid, he looked inside and exclaimed “There’s plenty.” And there was because it was filled to the brim.

But his expression just tickled us. For a three-year old to know the meaning of the word “plenty” and use it correctly was fascinating.

I am constantly amazed at the capacity to learn, especially in youngsters. And I try to tap into this ability whenever possible. Whether it’s mentioning that meat has protein so you can build big muscles, or naming plants we see along our walk. It’s never too early or too late to impart a little knowledge or wisdom, so let’s do it.

With Konnor it’s all about language – he loves it, understands it, and talks in complex sentences so with him I try to introduce big words and big concepts. For months we’ve been talking about Jesus and where he lives. And I also tell him repeatedly “I love you all the way to heaven and back.” I haven’t been quite sure what he thinks heaven is or for that matter where it is, but over the weekend I was outside with him one night when he looked up in the sky and saw some spot lights circling. They fascinated him so he asked about them. I explained the best that I could, but in his mind, he already knew what they were – they weren’t lights in the sky. No, they were lights up in heaven with Jesus. Point proven; these little guys understand a lot more than we realize.

With Callan, at nearly 8 months, it’s all about imitation so yup; you ought to see the faces I make at him and the sounds I repeat. And just recently he’s begun trying to engage me in play so you’d better believe when he bounces up and down his Mimi is bouncing up and down with him. I probably look a bit silly but I’m not only enjoying time with my grandson, I’m helping him learn and develop important skills.

My hope is that I’ll continue to look for opportunities to teach, to play, to model. We grandparents have wonderful roles to play in their lives and I don’t want to miss even one!



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