Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy: a general sense of well-being, contentment. Thanksgiving: being thankful.

This week our country celebrates a day set aside for thankfulness, at least that’s the theory. Perhaps the day should more appropriately be called Feast Eating Day or First Day of the Christmas Shopping Season because I bet most of us, me included, don’t think much about the thankfulness aspect.

Since I unfortunately fall into this category, I thought I should spend a few minutes giving thanks. And since this is a column about grandchildren and grand parenting, I think I’ll center on things related.

Today my husband joined my Mondays With Mimi experience. And I’m grateful he did. The youngest was sick and not much seemed to soothe him other than simply being held. And while I’m grateful Greg was with me all day, I’m even more grateful that God saw fit to bless my life with this wonderful man 38 years ago when we met in college.

I’m also thankful for my two precious children, their wonderful spouses, and the fact that all four have blessed me with grandchildren. They have all truly changed my life.

Thank you God for my health. I do sometimes take it for granted but on the days I get to sit on the floor and play games with my little ones or run through rain puddles as we did today, I so appreciate that my nearly 60 year old body has enough energy to keep up with my little oens.

I’m ever so thankful for two beautiful boys who came into my world because of my daughter and son-in-law, the kids who first made me a grandma and opened yet another place in my heart I didn’t even know was there. A special place reserved for grandchildren.

I watched the boys today, marveling that even now Konnor is interested in interacting with his younger brother, and touched to see young Callan’s eyes light up when his older brother sits close and plays with him. They are going to have great times in the future; that’s for sure! Having these boys means lots of tumbles and rumbles, lots of sports, lots of interest in things I might consider icky, and lots of fascinating things found in pants’ pockets that end up going through the wash. With Konnor I’ll experience a grandchild’s life lived full throttle and with Callan I’ll experience a more laid back, perhaps contemplative lifestyle. I will relish both.

And how thankful I am for my sweet baby girl, just two months old. With her birth I see the joy brought to the lives of my son and daughter-in-law and the fierce love already experienced. She dresses in pink and purple and frills galore and I just bet she will in the future, too. To have a granddaughter means tea parties and painting pretty colors on our tootsies. It means dress-up and playing with dolls. A granddaughter brings a softer perspective to life and who doesn’t want to enjoy that!

And I’m ever so grateful that my parents get to know the joy of being great grandparents. Of course, they always were great grandparents so I guess now they’re actually great great-grandparents!

My world is sweeter because of my grandchildren. I smile more, sigh in contentment more, and overall just feel happier.

So yes, I feel content and have a general sense of well-being, along with a heart of gratitude that I get to enjoy the wonderful experience of grand parenting. So this year I truly can say Happy Thanksgiving.



One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. How I agree!!! No one or nothing brightens my world like my grandson. We hid in our homemade house fort and read books by flashlight. We giggled and made up our own stories…….how I hope he remembers these days……I know I will never forget them!!! When his mom tells me he is begging her to come play at grammies my poor old heart is full and overflowing!!!
    Hope you Thanksgiving is full……..with kids!!!!

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