A Weekend of Pure Bliss

What a fun weekend – I got to see all three of my little ones. It’s always been interesting to see how they develop and just when their personalities start shining through. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

#1 – three years old, bright, funny, energetic beyond belief, can really hit a baseball, does everything full force: crying, laughing, being crabby.

#2 – 7 months old, laid back, easy going with all things except food. Wants his food NOW. Can entertain himself and loves to sleep AT NIGHT. During the day, not so much.

#3 – 2 months old, petite, also easy going, seems to sleep all the time. Gets all smiley, I mean REALLY smiley after she eats. A real charmer.

Three distinct personalities even at their young ages. And of course, it makes you wonder about their futures.

#1 – possible future sports legend. Definitely a leader.

#2 – possible future chef, except for the hours. After all, he needs his sleep. If the chef gig doesn’t work out he could be a food critic.

#3 – just about anything. With such an engaging smile the world will be her oyster.

Of course, at this point it’s all conjecture. Who knows what the future holds. I just want to be around for as much of it as possible.

2 thoughts on “A Weekend of Pure Bliss

  1. Isn’t it wonderful fun to see their personalities develop? My #1=the original strong-willed child, now a college student who is unstoppable. My #2=much like your #2, lover of food and fun and people. My #3=quirky and artistic. My #4=a thinker and overachiever. My #5=a perpetual motion machine with a keenly analytical mind. My #6=a lover of animals, tender-hearted and conscientious. My #7=a musician with a fabulous sense of humor. Can you see why I love grandparenting so much!

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