Oops I forgot

Hi all,

I just realized it’s Thursday and I forgot to write about my little ones. Time has gone crazy fast this week because I have family visiting. So I’ll plan on writing more next week. Meanwhile, here’s an observation from the other day.

Kate brought her boys over to visit my parents for a few hours. And you know what I love? My parents, in their mid-80s, just get right down on the floor and play with the kids. They don’t expect a 7-month-old or a 3-year-old to act like grown-ups. No, they completely understand that you need to adapt to them. And they do.

One vivid picture I have is of my dad outside with Konnor. Nothing special going on, just Konnor digging in the dirt while his great grandpa sat nearby and chatted with him. How very precious to Konnor that his Poppy wanted to be with him. And how very precious to this lady to know her daddy wanted to be with his great grandson.

Moments like this matter. They really do. Gifts of time and attention stick around much longer than gifts wrapped in pretty paper because they’re given from the heart.

Maybe we can all look for opportunities to give more gifts of time. Perhaps to the neighbor who has doesn’t have family nearby. Perhaps to a complete stranger whose face will light up when you give a compliment. Perhaps in baking cookies to give to the irritating co-worker.

Just a thought.

One thought on “Oops I forgot

  1. How wonderful that your 80+ parents can still get down on the floor. I have trouble doing that sometimes. I remember one time I was going to take my grandkids out to see my dad, their great-grandfather. When we got there, he had taken typing paper and folded in and made each one of them their own little book. This was when he was 90+ years old.

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