A $29.99 oil change only costs $1918.17!!!

So my friend leaves his car at the Ford dealer to get a $29.99 oil change. As part of that, the dealer offers a complimentary 5000-point check-up (or something like that) and hands over a quote saying we’d be happy to get your vehicle in tip top shape for $1918.17!

Are you kidding me?

I know this has nothing to do with being a grandma, but this is my outlet so I’m venting.

Same thing happened to me three months ago when I went to a new dentist. Mind you, I’ve gone to the dentist faithfully every six months since I was a young child and had all things discovered taken care of immediately. I knew I was in trouble at the new dental office when the dentist started dictating tooth numbers and procedure codes non-stop for what seemed like an eternity, without taking a breath.

Knowing I’d had great dental care I really wasn’t too worried, figuring he was just making notes.


He started telling me how much work I was going to need and that I needed to get started right away.

Having experienced things like this before I was immediately perturbed, then just put it aside. After all, it’s nothing new to try to “sell up” a customer.

In fact, my own hubby hasn’t been to the dentist in years and I’m convinced it’s because they tried to sell him up instead of just giving him good dental care for reasonable rates.

So my rant is this: can’t service providers operate with integrity and provide good service without resorting to these scare tactics that your car or teeth or (fill in the blank) are going to fall apart unless you spend a lot of money on them right now!

In the meantime, my advice for others who experience something similar: take it with a grain of salt, make good decisions, and YOU take charge of what needs to be done.

That’s it. Thanks for listening.


2 thoughts on “A $29.99 oil change only costs $1918.17!!!

  1. Boy to I hear you!! Tool our truck in for a “free’ inspection a few months a go and was told it needed 1718.00 worth of work…took to a small independent guy and it needed `178.00 including the close of the inspection……
    How are you doing with the contacts? I have been wearing multi vocals for a few years and thou they are not perfect it is so much better than the glasses everyday. Its tough getting old!

  2. The truly sad thing is that, while we wise old dogs are onto their tricks, lots of people who are less experienced will think that they really need to have all that work done. Best advice: Get a second opinion any time a repairman or doctor tells you that you need a lot of expensive work.

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