Maybe you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

A quick aside before talking about the grandkids. As some may know, I’ve always been self-conscious about the big bags under my eyes, not to mention the saggy top lids. So in June, I had both problems remedied through surgery and have been very happy with the results. I finally don’t need to hide behind my eyeglasses. The problem? I still need them to see. The solution: contacts.

So yesterday I had my first visit for contact lenses. I know! Me? Yes, me. The appointment lasted nearly 2 hours and I think at least 60 minutes of it was spent on simply trying to insert the lens into each eye. Getting them out? No problem, and though I had no problem actually touching my eye with the lens, for some reason I’d pull my hand away and the lens would still be on my finger tip.

And the biggest problem I found is that you can’t wear your glasses while you’re trying to insert them (duh!). So I can’t really see what I’m doing.

Today I’ve watched countless videos and googled “inserting contact lenses” like crazy and am now convinced I just need to keep practicing. Eventually it will become second nature.

So this afternoon I spent only 20 minutes per eye inserting them. That’s a 33% improvement! Again, taking them out was no problem.

My lenses are multi-focal lenses I can get three viewing areas: near, computer length, and far. It’s amazing how the eye adapts. The brain just sort of tells the eye where to focus. I was able to read a recipe and made some fabulous corn muffins. Then I watched Hawaii Five-O without problem. I do have a killer headache and don’t know if it’s from trying to insert the lenses, wearing the contacts, or that it’s simply coincidental because as you know, I do get killer headaches.

Tomorrow it’s glasses for work, then back to the contacts for the evening. I’ll keep you posted.

Monday with my boys was all about the realization that not only are they growing up, but the rate at which they learn things is amazing. Remembering something I had taught Konnor, when I heard Callan “talking” I began moving my fingers up and down on his lips so it would produce a funny sound. It didn’t take long at all for him to catch on and soon, even when he was silent, if I simply moved my fingers up and down on his lips he would start vocalizing and then enjoy the silly results. (Wish I could have uploaded a video to WordPress but this version only supports pix.)

And Konnor ended up leaving me speechless. Now, what he did followed a lie and I really should have corrected it but he surprised me with his response and I ended up laughing instead. I really don’t know how he picks up vocabulary but he does. And whether or not he uses it correctly, it’s just the cutest thing to hear. In the morning he started using the word ‘mysterious.’ How does a three-year-old know that word?

But in the afternoon I asked him to do something and he only did it part way. When I asked if he had obeyed me, he lied by replying “Yes.” I asked him again and got the same response. So when I verified that he indeed had lied, I decided to turn this into a teaching experience.

“Konnor, Mimi asked you to put your cup in the sink, but you didn’t. You put it on the counter. When I asked if you put it in the sink, you said ‘yes.’ Do you know what that’s called?”

I was fairly certain he would reply, “It’s a lie.” So imagine my surprise when he answered, “Yes. Hospitality.”

I kid you not. ‘Hospitality?’ Where did that word come from? (Now you can see why I lost it and never really got around to talking about lies. I just stood there shaking my head at his knowledge of yet another interesting word.)

Of course, that leads me to one other thought—perhaps he knew he was caught in the lie and simply tossed out the word ‘hospitality’ to throw me off. He’s a smart little kid, so you never know.

Lastly, my little granddaughter is doing well. She continues to delight and surprise my son and daughter-in-law just by ‘being.’

And I have a feeling we also delight God in much the same way. Sure there’s always room for improvement and we are called to be holy just like he’s holy. But sometimes we forget God is our dad. Just like my kids are enjoying their new daughter and are completely entertained by and satisfied to simply look at her, God is completely enthralled with us, too. At times he just wants to hang out and enjoy our company. Psalm 149, along with many other Bible verses, reminds us that God delights in us.

Can that really be true? He delights in us? Even when we mess us, even when we lie (like Konnor), or get something wrong (like using the word ‘hospitality’)? Of course! Think about any good daddy. He has unconditional love for his kids, no matter what. It doesn’t mean he overlooks things; it just means he loves anyway and even enjoys us.

My prayer for today is that we’ll all come to truly believe (whether or not we ever understand it), that God our Father most definitely delights in us.


One thought on “Maybe you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

  1. Cindi, I love reading your posts! Not only do I get an up-date on our precious boys but I am reminded of God’s love in all that there is.

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