First Solo Outing is a Success!

Well, I did it; I managed to take a three-year-old and a four-month old to Target—bought what I went for, ate lunch in the café, had time for Konnor to play with all the toys marked “Try Me” and even managed to take him potty without having to leave baby brother in the shopping cart!

I didn’t start out thinking we’d go shopping but I quickly realized that morning that the boys were in great moods and more importantly, so was I. And taking a field trip each Monday used to be such a fun thing to do B.C. (before Callan), that I found myself thinking “I can do this; I want to do this.”

Of course, I needed a plan. (1) Be sure Konnor had had his morning snack and used the potty, (2) get the car completely packed before adding kids, and (3) be totally sure the little guy had eaten and had a diaper change. Check, check, check. I was ready and we were off.

The car ride: Ever since Konnor was a tiny baby I have kept one particular children’s CD in the car. We must have listened to it a thousand times, but this time as it played Konnor sang at the top of his lungs, getting nearly every word right. It was so much fun and reminded me of road trips with my family when I was growing up. My sister and I would sing all sorts of songs, harmonizing and having a blast.

Our arrival: This Target is under a parking garage so you have to take an elevator down to the store and you hope the attendant hasn’t cleared away all the carts. Otherwise, you’re in a hot mess. We were in luck. Not only did we find a cart, but we snagged one of those huge, fun shopping carts that has an extension on it for your toddler to sit.

The experience: I know I’ve mentioned this before but if you have a toddler, the first stop is always the bakery. Don’t even try to avoid it. I did the old “You may have half of the cookie now and the other half after lunch” routine but Konnor didn’t fall for it. So the next best thing is to be sure you reinforce the importance of sharing and this is easily done by asking for a bite. (Hmm, okay, maybe I wasn’t really all that interested in teaching an important lesson; I just wanted a bite of that delicious looking cookie!)

The best part: My proudest moment was the trip to the potty. I had paid for my purchases when I decided I ought to take Konnor to the restroom. So with a full shopping cart topped with a baby in a car seat, I looked at the bathrooms, looked at the boys, and thought “Now what?” I know mommies do this all the time but this grandma really wondered what she had gotten herself into. Thankfully there was a family bathroom so I was able to take the boys, leave the cart, and “take care of Konnor’s business” without too much trouble.

Back home for some play time, another bottle for the babe, and then off to sleep. Don’t you just love nap time?

Hmm, I wonder if I’ll look back on this blog a year from now and laugh at how meaningful a solo trip to Target was.

Meanwhile, our countdown to baby girl continues with 4 weeks to go! It’s very, very exciting and we can’t wait to meet her.


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