It’s okay; it’s okay.

Just realized it’s Wednesday and all my good intentions to jot down my thoughts from Monday have vanished. You’ll have to trust me on this: I had the cutest stories to share…gone. Completely and utterly gone. That’s what a nearly 60 year old brain can do and that’s why I started this blog. I didn’t want to forget. And I plum forgot!

I think Mr. Callan may be teething. Though he still liberally provided gummy smiles, they were slurpier than usual. And as the drool flowed he chewed on his hands and fingers so much that he developed a rash on his cheeks. Pour little thing. I introduced Konnor to the wonders of Aquaphor so throughout the day he and I would apply it to Callan’s cheeks and any boo-boos Konnor would find on his own body. By day’s end, the cheek was clear, but Callan had a small fever and all the kisses in the world couldn’t make him feel better. (sigh)

Meanwhile, Konnor was a hoot with his empathy game. He had visited a new doctor and unexpectedly ended up having to have an injection. At the doc’s office, unaware of what was to come, he bounced up on the table, rolled up his sleeve, but was then totally surprised when the doctor “pinched him.” It must have made quite an impression because over and over and over again, he played the empathy game with me.

First thing, Konnor grabbed a small football. Why a football? I can only assume because it has a slightly pointed end and he wanted to imitate a hypodermic needle.

Konnor then said, “Give me your arm Meemz. And give me your hand.” As he held my hand with one of his, he carefully balanced the football in the other and proceeds to “inject” me with the end of the football.

As I pretend to cry “Owie, oooh, that hurts” Konnor squeezed my hand and with tender voice said “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

He’d finish up by asking if I wanted a band-aid.

I bet we played the game 10 times. Each time he held my hand and expressed genuinely kindness with his words of encouragement. And each time I got my “shot” I was reminded of the beginning of the Bible verse Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind and compassionate to each other…” On Monday Konnor showed me that young as he is, he could understand the concepts of kindness, comfort, and empathy. What a mighty thing to know at such a young age, and what a mighty thing to be able to model to your Meemzie.

2 thoughts on “It’s okay; it’s okay.

  1. Cindi, maybe Konnor would enjoy that big baster “needle” you probably have at the back of one of your kitchen drawers! Then again, maybe you wouldn’t!

  2. Love it. While I no longer actually have one, I think I can probably pick one up at the dollar store and he’ll have a great time with it. Besides, he loves playling with all my kitchen stuff. The removable long “rod” that works in my smoothie maker to really mash up stuff-completely harmless, all plastic-is his “microphone” and he uses the mic just about every time he visits. It’s in a special place for him and I think I’ll add the baster to that pile as well. Great suggestion.

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